After being unfaithful to Lily James, Dominic West kissed his wife in the street

After being unfaithful to Lily James, Dominic West kissed his wife in the street

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24 hours after the photos of Dominic West Y Lily James together and kissing came to light, the actor and his wife and Catherine FitzGerald They left their home in Cotswold, England, and kissed in front of reporters.

A scandal on a global scale emerged this Monday when Actor Dominic West – who has been married to Irish landscaper Catherine FitzGerald for 10 years – was photographed passionately kissing and hugging young actress Lily James without a wedding ring, during a romantic getaway in Rome, not caring who saw it, he reported Daily Mail.

In several images you can see the former interpreter of “Downton Abbey”, 31 years old, and West, ironically from “The Affair”, 50 years old, strolling through the city, enjoying lunch, touching and giving each other some kisses. They both spent a couple of nights in a suite at the Hotel De La Ville, near the Plaza de España.

And hours after West’s wife, Fitzgerald, 49, told her friends that she was “heartbroken” by the images, which went viral, agreed to participate in a strange show of unity with her husband. With smiles on their faces, he and Catherine they gave the photographers a piece of paper, who repeated the words in his own hand: “Our marriage is strong and we are still together”, with their signatures placed below.

The actor’s mother of four – Dora, 13; Sean, 12; Francis, 11 years old; and 7-year-old Christabel, who was in shock, grabbed a handkerchief as she cautiously left the marriage home in Chippenham, Wiltshire, at 10:30 a.m. with her husband by her side, hiding her ring finger in her jeans pocket. .

The artist is also the father of Martha, 22, the result of his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Polly Astor.

For a moment, she stood in the doorway staring at the ground as he looked back and seemed to say something to her. Then, Catherine purposely raised her head and passionately kissed Dominic in front of the cameras.

Despite the couple’s public display, to those who witnessed it, Catherine’s demeanor seemed awkward, suggesting that they still have some difficult conversations ahead of them.

Dominic, who returned home Monday night, had a rather cocky look as he showed that he was not wearing his wedding ring yet. He was wearing the same outfit that he wore in his day with Lily. Moments later, the couple left their home, and they went together to an unknown destination.

Last Thursday it was reported that Lily James -who was once linked to Chris Evans- had separated from the star of The Crown Matt Smith after a failed attempt to rekindle their relationship during confinement after an intermittent courtship of five years.

James and West to star in the series “The Pursuit of Love”, An adaptation for the BBC created by Emily Mortimer based on the novel by Nancy Mitford that will feature the participation of Emily Beecham and Andrew Scott and which began filming in July.



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