After seven months, they re-enabled the temporary shelters in the City

They restrict circulation to contain the curve inside

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Prior reservation, disposal of alcohol gel in the common spaces and “deep cleaning” of the rooms once they are vacated are, among others, the main health protocols established by the City for the reopening of the temporary shelters that were determined yesterday.

According to the resolution published in the Official Gazette of the City, the “protocol for the prevention and management of Covid-19 in hotel and para-hotel accommodation for non-tourist purposes” was approved, which includes temporary shelters.

The item includes some 120 establishments in the City that stopped working last March when the isolation was ordered, but that in recent weeks demanded their reopening after the habilitation of passenger hotels in the district.

The protocol includes sanitary measures to avoid specific coronavirus infections for hourly accommodation hotels, among them, that attention will be “only with prior reservation.” “To this end, the attendees should be asked if they have any of the symptoms indicated for Covid-19 before giving them a shift,” specifies the regulations that were published in the Official Gazette of the City of Buenos Aires.

On the other hand, it is also specified that “the hygiene and safety guidelines, as well as distancing, must be complied with during the entry and exit processes of the establishment”; while in the case of using cards or keys to open rooms, allocate, at the reception, a container with disinfectant for storage or storage at the end of the stay or after each use ”, add the protocol specifications.

The standard also includes the possibility of using “alcohol gel in all common spaces and guaranteeing the provision of water, soap and disposable towels in toilets, ensuring their replacement”; and establishes the “ventilation of the rooms as long as possible and during their cleaning and disinfection”.

Last week, the Legislature, at the request of a bill by legislator Sergio Abrevaya (GEN), asked the Executive to reopen the temporary shelters. In this sense, the deputy pointed out to PROFILE: “It is a sector that employs thousands of people, is distributed in the neighborhoods and offers the possibility of privacy after seven months. This is not only for couples who live apart, but also for those who live together and do not find a space for intimacy. It does to mental health and adds one more activity to move the economy in this extended quarantine that is not reconverted and only ends up enabling activities in a dropper ”, he completed.


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