“After what I experienced, I am happier than ever to find you again”


Michaël Pachen is back this Monday, October 19 on Vivacité. A comeback after some big health problems for the RTBF host. He explains it to us in the video below.

This is a basic question but so important. How are you ?

I got the green light from the doctors to restart. Everything is fine, I did not have covid-19, but complications from diabetes. It was poorly negotiated diabetes that sent me to the operating room.

The doctors told you it was 50/50, how did it go?

I arrived in a first hospital where it was thought to be a pimple. Finally, it was more serious, I had to go to a second hospital in Lille. The surgeon told me it was serious, he had to operate on me immediately and told me that I had a 50% chance that it would go wrong. I was on the verge of sepsis. I don’t remember anything for the next 10 days. I know, through my wife, that my vital prognosis was engaged. After 10 days I was told I was out of the woods.

What comes to mind when you get out of this after 10 intense days?

I didn’t pick up anything, I was scared of hospitals. I ended up in intensive care and they do a wonderful job, they go way beyond the mission of treating people. I didn’t realize the gravity of the stuff. I was given morphine to hold on. You tell yourself why this is happening to me, but it’s my fault because I mismanaged my chronic disease.

Discover the full video interview:


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