Against insomnia: the effectiveness of weighted blankets

Against insomnia: the effectiveness of weighted blankets

Weighted blankets (or heavy blankets) are a safe and effective way to fight insomnia.

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Researchers from the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, assure us that just 4 weeks of use can greatly reduce the symptoms of this common and problematic sleep disorder.

The team looked at 120 patients with clinical insomnia and psychiatric conditions, such as bipolar disorder, attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder, and anxiety.

Participants were asked to sleep for 4 weeks with weighted blankets weighing 6-8 kg, or with a 1.5 kilogram control blanket.

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About 60 percent of participants who slept with weighted blankets reported a 50 percent drop in insomnia symptoms, while only 5.4 percent of participants in the control group slept better.

The first group then continued to use weighted blankets for 12 months: more than 92% reported improving sleep. 78% no longer suffered from the condition.

Weighted blankets are thought to also help with symptoms of depression, anxiety, and fatigue. Researchers associate the benefits with those of practices such as acupressure and massage.

“We were surprised by the great effects of weighted blankets on insomnia,” said Dr. Mats Alder, leader of the study. “We are also excited about the reduction in anxiety and depression levels.”


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