Aguirre encourages Casado to support Vox’s motion of censure while Aznar asks to vote against

Aguirre encourages Casado to support Vox's motion of censure while Aznar asks to vote against

Pablo Casado and José María Aznar

Pablo Casado and José María Aznar

Some voices from PP they have already publicly expressed what the path to follow should be Pablo Casado. Thus, the former president Jose Maria Aznar has assured that he would vote “no” and that he has not the “slightest doubt about it.”

To your understanding, this “untimely” motion it will only serve to “consolidate the fragmentation process in the center-right in Spain” and to “consolidate the existing coalition in the government“.

However, the deputy of the PP and exportavoice of the party in the Congress of Deputies, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, has defended the abstention in that motion of censure considering it “the most reasonable alternative”. In his opinion, the PP cannot “support the president” of the Government but neither can it lend its support “to the candidate. Santiago Abascal“to be chief executive.

Also the former president of the Community of Madrid Hope Aguirre has publicly rejected that the Popular Party vote no on the motion of censure, since, as it has said, “There is no government more objectionable in the whole world” that of Pedro Sanchez.

The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, keeps his deputies in suspense before the motion of censure of Vox against the Government of Pedro Sánchez, although in the popular bench many believe that he will favor “no”, according to different sources. The secrecy about the direction of the vote will be maintained “predictably until the end of the debate.”


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