Aidan Euan, the Yucatecan designer who obsessed Kim Kardashian

Aidan Euan, the Yucatecan designer who obsessed Kim Kardashian

Aidan Euan | It is a clear example of the wide range of possibilities that internationalized national design offers, one that has broken with borders resounding in different parts of the world. Native to Yucatan, you need to record his name very well, because celebrities like Jennifer Lopez y Kim Kardashian have opted for their designs (and just looking at them, it’s easy to see why).

Who is Aidan Euan?

© Ernesto Casillas via Instagram @ aidan.euan
‘Cabaret Blouse’ by designer Aidan Euan.

Aidan Euan | is a designer of Mexican origin. Born in Yucatán, his inspiration comes from Latin women and has captured it through your Akna brand, a name that pays tribute to the Mayan Goddess of fertility. His fashion house is young, it was born in 2016, but that has not prevented it from acquiring worldwide relevance, since among the names of those who have worn its designs, in addition to the founder of KKW Beauty, the singer Kali Uchis, Megan Thee Stalion, and the drag queen Valentina are enlisted. As if this were not enough, the Mexican has also captured the attention of Jennifer Lopez, who signed him to collaborate on his costume design for his shows in Las Vegas alongside his team.

The designs of Aidan Euan. Lots of bling bling and Latin femininity

The repercussion of Aidan Euan | in the style of authentic contemporary divas it is no accident. Seductive to death and risky, the Yucatecan opts for the inclusion of swarovski crystals In almost all of its designs, its flagship pieces have become famous precisely for this element. There is something about the brilliance of jewelery that is always fascinating, the couturier knows it perfectly; some of its most iconic garments are the Crystal Net Mini Dress, with ‘thousands of crystals in the net’ from which it is made, and the Crystal Ring Top, with a halter neckline with ribbons set in Swarovski crystals.

Another exclusive piece that catapulted this Mexican firm was their bikini, full of the same gems, made especially for Kim Kardashian (you can see it on the creator’s Instagram). The businesswoman took it to Mexican beaches and, as the designer described it well, “it looked like a million dollars.” In a 2017 interview, Aidan revealed that he made 15 secret designs for Kim Kardashian, of which only three had worn back then.

Akna Scorpion Stockings tights with Swarovski crystal applications.

© Vogue Mexico and Latin America
Akna Scorpion Stockings tights with Swarovski crystal applications.

Regarding your collaboration with Jennifer Lopez, Euan revealed on his Instagram account the work he did for the performer of On The Floor, an incredible body it took 24 hours fill with Swarovski crystals for each of its corners.

The style of Aidan Euan | It is inspired by Latin American women: ‘I feel that, through what I do, the spirit of a Latina is in each of the pieces I design,’ the designer confessed in another interview.

Between Swatovski crystals and designs that celebrate the most revealing sensuality (the one that surely empowered Kate Moss to wear a completely transparent dress in the nineties), Aidan Euan | continues to win over women who enjoy this style. Nazanin Mandi, Alexa Demie, Kourtney Kardashian, The list goes on and on…


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