Albert of Monaco overtaken by his illegitimate daughter? A letter full of “suffering” sows trouble

 Albert of Monaco overtaken by his illegitimate daughter? A letter full of

Albert of Monaco overtaken by his illegitimate daughter? A letter full of "suffering" sows trouble

Albert of Monaco overtaken by his illegitimate daughter? A letter full of “suffering” sows trouble

A 15-year-old Brazilian teenager claims to be the illegitimate child of the Monegasque sovereign and reveals, in a letter, to be marked by the absence of her father. The lawyer of this one evokes a ridiculous blackmail.

It is a letter addressed to the palace of Monaco at the end of September and that the media obtained German RTL which may well have the effect of a bomb! Why ? Quite simply because a 15-year-old Brazilian teenager claims over the lines to be the illegitimate daughter ofAlbert de Monaco. “Dear daddy (…) When I was five or six I kept asking my mom where you were and why you weren’t with us, because I have friends who always have both parents to play with, but I never got a response from him “, she writes in Portuguese, her mother tongue.

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A college girl who suffers in silence

Then the young girl continues: “I suffer from it, I don’t understand why I grew up without a father, and now that I’ve found you, you don’t want to see me “. The teenager also reveals having “avoided asking questions”, preferring “suffer in silence, so as not to embarrass my mother (…) kiss your daughter “. We also learn that her mother, a certain Maria S (assumed name) of 34 years old living in Italy, would have filed this summer a request for recognition of paternity for her daughter with the transalpine justice.

According to her lawyer Erich Grimaldi, this woman would have met the prince Albert in Brazil in the early 2000s and would have started a romance with him. The teenager – born in 2005 – would be the nice fruit of this relationship. This mother also claims to have been invited to accompany Albert de Monaco during a trip to Europe. After giving birth to her daughter, she reportedly contacted the sovereign and reportedly sent him pictures of the baby. The latter has since cut off all communications with her. At this same time, note that The head of state Monegasque hardly saw the swimmer of his heart again, Charlene, became his wife – we remind you – in july 2011. And the mother of his two heirs, the twins Jacques and Gabriella, born in December 2014.

Justice will take its course in the coming months

According to Maria S’s lawyer, the prince Albert would be aware of the situation today. He would indeed have been contacted directly by the mother this summer but would not have responded to her request for tests ADN. She would have suddenly decided to turn to justice, so that a court requires him to pass this famous test … Since the end of July, all the documents relating to this “case” have been filed in court, the Italian justice would obviously have contacted the person concerned to inform him that legal action was scheduled for February 2021. The prince Albert relies on his side to his lawyer and old friend, Me Thierry Lacoste, who qualifies the Brazilian request as ridiculous, evoking blackmail.

If ever the young Brazilian wins her case and the confirmation of her princely parentage, she would then become the third recognized illegitimate child of the patron of the Mediterranean Rock, after Jazmin Grace and Alexandre


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