All of Germany is looking for missing Tim – Tote Hosen help too

All of Germany is looking for missing Tim - Tote Hosen help too

The relatives shared this photo of the missing Tim Winkelmann on the search website.

The relatives shared this photo of the missing Tim Winkelmann on the search website.

Missing Tim Winkelmann

Missing Tim Winkelmann

The missing person case Tim Winkelmann (39) concerns the whole of Germany – also because the relatives spare no effort to find out about the current status of the search and various celebrities have meanwhile also participated in the campaign.

But Winkelmann has disappeared – there was one last sign of life on the morning of September 23, 2020.

Missing case Tim Winkelmann – everything important in brief:

  • Tim Winkelmann (39) has been missing since September 23
  • He was in the Berlin Charité that morning and was last seen around 7.40 a.m. near the main train station
  • Missing person on the way without money or ID
  • Family does not believe in Tim Winkelmann’s planned disappearance
  • Search goes viral on social media, celebs also share the call

As the Berlin police announced in their missing person report, the 39-year-old was at the Berlin Charité that morning. At around 7:40 a.m., he was seen by witnesses in the area of ​​the main train station or the Federal Chancellery. About 20 minutes later he phoned relatives – since then there has been no trace of Tim Winkelmann.

His relatives have created their own website (, on which you can collect all information about the case. They also keep the public informed on Instagram with daily updates. People from all over Germany are following the search for the 39-year-old. The site already has almost 7,700 subscribers, and the trend is rising (as of October 18, 4 p.m.).

Missing Tim Winkelmann from Berlin: Search busy all over Germany via social media

The latest post from Sunday, day 25 of his disappearance, said there was some new evidence.

Tim did not carry a knife with him when he was last seen in Berlin. In a first testimony it had been said that he might have been with one of these and had a bleeding, bandaged wound on his left arm. In their search report, the police also indicated that the item in his hand could also have been the missing person’s cell phone.

His relatives also make it clear on Instagram that Tim Winkelmann did not receive a devastating diagnosis – like a brain tumor – at the Charité.

The case is now making the rounds on social media across Germany. Even celebrities have already shared the search message via their accounts and thus paid even more attention to the whole thing. For example, “Die Toten Hosen” wrote shortly after Tim Winkelmann’s disappearance: “We support the search request of a family friend.”

But as great as the sympathy and support is: The 39-year-old has still disappeared after three and a half weeks.

Tim Winkelmann: Man from Berlin has been missing since mid-September

His relatives point out that he has no ID, no money, no health insurance card and no bank or credit card with him. He didn’t pack any things and should be out and about without a backpack or suitcase. There are therefore “no signs of a deliberately planned disappearance”.

This is how the missing Tim Winkelmann is described:

  • Approx. 1.80 meters tall
  • Approx. 80 kilograms, slim
  • (Dark) blonde, medium-length hair
  • He was dressed in blue sweatpants, a black and white T-shirt, and a gray and blue cardigan

The police will receive information on 030 / 4664-912401 (during office hours) or on 030 / 4664-912444 (outside of office hours). Witnesses can also turn to any other police station. (so)


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