“All pregnant women should help themselves to their partner’s wardrobe”


Since Isabelle Schröder announced her pregnancy via Instagram in May, we can regularly look forward to her stylish baby bump looks. In November the time will finally come – the German model and her fiancé Felix Hartmann will be parents.

Isabelle Schröder in an interview about timeless maternity wear Jeremy Möller

© Jeremy Möller
Isabelle Schröder in an interview about timeless maternity wear Jeremy Möller

But what happens to the whole Maternity wearwhen the cute baby ball is no longer there? The 25-year-old is well prepared for this. Since the beginning of her pregnancy, she has relied on timeless pieces that she can still wear after the birth. In an interview, she talks to us about helpful styling tips for mothers-to-be, mindful shopping during pregnancy and even reveals what she will wear heavily pregnant on her wedding day.

Maternity wear à la Isabelle Schröder: Her pregnancy looks are so stylish and timeless

InStyle: Has your style changed with your pregnancy?

Isabelle Schröder: “During my pregnancy I tried to stay true to my style. But I still had to say goodbye to some things. I like relaxed and casual outfits, so I already had a lot of oversized items in my closet. At the beginning I have these I still liked to wear them, but at some point they just weren’t oversized anymore. On the whole, however, I think that my style hasn’t changed too much because of my pregnancy. “

Isabelle Schröder Maternity Wear Jeremy Möller

© Jeremy Möller
Isabelle Schröder Maternity Wear Jeremy Möller

What hurdles did you face when styling with a growing belly?

“The first thing I didn’t like anymore were jeans. Since I usually wear them a lot, I was a bit helpless for a short time. And everyone knows that moment when you stand in front of the wardrobe in the morning and feel like a certain look There were a few crises when I could already see the entire outfit in front of me in my mind and then it didn’t fit anymore. That was particularly often the case with my tops – they were suddenly all too short.

Have you developed special styling tricks to get around the hurdles?

“The label got me with the jeans problem The Mama Set saved, which offers basics that grow with the child. This enabled me to combine the stretchy pants from the set with parts that I already had. In general, I have opted for clothing with a high spandex content, such as knitted dresses. What I can only recommend to every woman: Help yourself to your husbands wardrobes! Because they have nice, long T-shirts, shirts and large sweaters. ”

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In which parts do you feel most comfortable with a baby bump?

“For me, everything that is close to the body feels most comfortable – for example one Leggingsthat offers a good grip. I prefer to wear elastic parts that have as few incisive seams as possible and combine them with loose clothing. I like it when you can see your stomach and the look doesn’t completely swallow you. In addition, such outfits are super comfortable – an aspect that I appreciate more and more during my pregnancy. “

Which item of clothing have you banned from your wardrobe since you were pregnant?

“Jeans, followed directly by high heels. I still try to like heels, though Slingbacks to wear, but with swollen feet it’s a completely different feeling. “

What are your favorite shoes right now?

“I often wear Sneaker and now in autumn I love boots of course. If I meet up for dinner in the evening, I can wear heels without it becoming uncomfortable. Heel boots can also enhance simple looks and with comfortable socks underneath, they are also very comfortable for pregnant women. “

Which parts will you still like to wear after your pregnancy?

“Most of my fashion purchases during pregnancy are relatively timeless and simple. Since you need so much for the little ones alone, I have tried to make my maternity wardrobe a little more sustainable. I rarely shop the usual maternity wear – that’s what I’m looking for The amount of time in which I can wear them is simply too short. Instead, I resort to items of clothing that I already have or invest in items that I can wear longer. However, I’m curious to see whether I can still get into everything will feel so comfortable. Parts that I fill out completely now may not fit so nicely. But I prefer larger sweaters and knitted dresses anyway – I will certainly wear them a lot afterwards. “

Where can I get the best pieces for mothers-to-be?

“Besides The Mama Set, I stayed with my typical labels. For basics that are also of good quality Arket and COS my favorite points of contact. I prefer to shop for stretch pieces at Alexander Wang. I also think the fit and quality of The Frankie Shop is great. “

Isabelle Schröder Maternity Wear Instagram / @ ISABELLESCHROEDER_

Isabelle Schröder Maternity Wear Instagram / @ ISABELLESCHROEDER_

You will get married very pregnant in October. What will you wear on the special day?

“At the beginning of the year I had already bought a silk wrap dress for the civil ceremony. I always refused to try it again because I was sure it would still fit. Fortunately, my fiancé managed to persuade me in the end . Because the dress had a long leg slit on the side, which was suddenly exactly in the middle due to the growing baby bump. “

Oh no. And then?

“After a brief nervous breakdown, I looked for an alternative online. But it was very difficult to find beautiful maternity bridal wear. In the end, a friend who has her own label By Aylin Koenig was able to help me and furnish me with a beautiful dress didn’t want anything pompous. Especially with a baby bump, frills or lace are not so beneficial for me. I will wear nice shoes and a cashmere coat with the simple dress and then the look is also suitable for October. “

Isabelle Schröder and Felix Hartmann Jeremy Möller

© Jeremy Möller
Isabelle Schröder and Felix Hartmann Jeremy Möller


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