“Almost overnight I can transform an unemployed person into an entrepreneur”

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EL PAÍS and MyNews interviewed live on Wednesday, the PSL candidate for the City of São Paulo, Joice Hasselmann, as part of a series of sabatines with the postulants in charge of the largest city in the 2020 municipal elections. The conversation was broadcast in real time on the newspaper’s website and on the THE COUNTRY e do MyNews no Youtube. During the interview, Hasselmann stated that the generation of jobs in the post-pandemic is a challenge for the coming years, but said that “overnight, it is possible to transform an unemployed person into an entrepreneur. The candidate also promised to solve the Cracolândia problem in two years.

A great supporter of President Jair Bolsonaro, Hasselmann was chosen as the leader of the Government in the National Congress as soon as he began his term. However, after some disagreements with part of the bolsonarista nucleus, was removed from office by the president himself in October 2019. She remains affiliated with PSL, a former Bolsonaro party, for which she tries for the first time the City of São Paulo. Regarding the lack of support from President Jair Bolsonaro for his candidacy in the city hall, Joice stated that if the president had the two neurons making a perfect synapse “, he would know that” the only person on the right capable of removing the center left and left of way ”, she would be.

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Joice Hasselmann (Ponta Grossa, 1942) started his professional life as a journalist, having worked in communication vehicles such as CBN, BandNews, magazine Look, SBT and Jovem Pan. It achieved relevance as a digital influencer and militated in the demonstrations in favor of the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff (PT) and Operation Lava Jato, between 2015 and 2016. In 2018, she joined the PSL and was elected federal deputy. most voted in São Paulo, with more than 1 million votes.

This Wednesday’s hearing is part of a total of 11 interviews with candidates for the command of the largest city in the country, with a presentation by Mara Luquet and participation of journalists from this newspaper and the online news channel. So far, they have already been Guilherme Boulos, Orlando silva e Jilmar Tatto. Even today, at 4 pm, the interviewee will be the candidate for the PSB City Hall, Márcio França.

Filipe Sabará (New at 2:00 pm) and Marina Helou (Network, at 18h).

On Friday, four rounds of interviews will be closed: at 1 pm, Arthur do Val (Patriot); at 3 pm, Celso Russomanno (Republicans); at 4pm, Bruno Covas (PSDB); and at 6 pm, Andrea Matarazzo (PSD).

Since August, or THE COUNTRY has been interviewing candidates for mayor of the city of São Paulo live, as part of a series of programs with multiplatform coronavirus pandemic and who has heard relevant personalities from the world of politics, culture and health.

MyNews is a journalism channel on YouTube. It is directed by journalist Mara Luquet, a specialist in economics and investments, and by publicist Antonio Tabet. It has more than 30 journalists in Brazil and abroad.


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