Amazon’s shooter Crucible is discontinued

Amazon's shooter Crucible is discontinued

After only five months on the market, Amazon is finally pulling the plug on the shooter “Crucible”, which started with high expectations. The servers will be shut down on November 9th.

Crucible is finished.

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Crucible is finished.

Amazon’s first attempt to enter the gaming market has failed. On Saturday, the Amazon studio’s development team gave Relentless Games in a blog post the end of the game known. After that it was not possible to give the game a “healthy, sustainable” perspective, according to the developers.

Amazon’s short patience breaks

It cannot be said that Amazon has made particular efforts to achieve this perspective. After all, Crucible wasn’t released until May 20th. Just two months later, it de-listed the game platform Steam again. The interest was too little. Even at the weekend’s peak, fewer than a thousand players around the world had played Crucible. In July the game returned to “closed beta” status.

Since then there had been various ideas, efforts, attempts to give the game a new twist. Above all, players had criticized the fact that the game did not react quickly enough and seemed downright sluggish. Most recently, only around 200 players are said to have shown interest in Crucible at peak times. Now Amazon seems to have finally lost its (already quite short) patience.

That was Crucible

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Crucible was designed as a hero shooter. The player controlled one of the ten characters, each with special abilities. At the start, the team around Crucible tried to recreate the concepts of several other games in different modes.

So there was a mode in which the aim was to conquer as large areas as possible, another which can best be described as a kind of battle royale and a mode in which you as a player against other players and against computer-controlled opponents, so-called PvPvE (Player vs Player vs Environment). Only this last mode remained with the game after the first failures from July.

Amazon refunds money, is working on another game

Players who have already spent money in the game and have not yet used it can receive a refund via Steam or Amazon. At least this way, there is no further damage to players who gave Crucible a chance.

Amazon is still working on a multiplayer online game that is supposed to be called “New World” and was actually announced for the current year. Now “New World” should not be launched until 2021. Then we’ll see if the world has been waiting for the next multiplayer online game.

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