Annuitants will receive ten francs more from 2021

Annuitants will receive ten francs more from 2021


The minimum pension for AVS / AI will be increased by ten francs as of January 1, 2021. It will thus increase from 1,185 to 1,195 francs per month, the Federal Council decided on Wednesday. The maximum pension will be increased by 20 francs to reach 2,390 francs.

Couples will receive a maximum of 3,585 francs. These adjustments are due to changes in wages and prices, explains the government. Adjustments are also necessary in the area of ​​contributions, supplementary benefits and compulsory occupational pension plans.

The amount of the minimum AVS / AI / APG contribution for the self-employed and people without gainful employment will increase from 496 to 500 francs per year, and that of the minimum contribution in the optional AVS / AI from 950 to 958 francs.

The annual amounts of additional benefits, intended to cover basic needs, will increase from 19,450 to 19,610 francs for single people and from 29,175 to 29,415 francs for couples, to 10,260 francs for children. aged over 11 and at 7200 francs for children under 11.

Occupational pension

In individual occupational pensions, people with a pillar 3a will be able to deduct a maximum of 6883 francs from their tax return, if they are affiliated with a 2nd pillar pension institution, compared to 6826 currently. Those who are not affiliated will be able to deduct up to 34,416 francs (34,128).

The entry threshold for compulsory occupational pensions will drop from 21,330 to 21,510 francs. And the amount of the coordination deduction from 24,885 to 25,095 francs.

441 millions

The additional expenses generated by the increase in pensions will amount to approximately 441 million francs. Some 390 million will be borne by the AVS, of which 79 will be financed by the Confederation. The IA will assume additional expenses of 51 million francs.

The adaptation of supplementary benefits to the AVS and to the AI ​​induces additional expenditure of 1.4 million francs for the Confederation and 0.8 million for the cantons.

The Federal Council examines the need to adjust the AVS and AI pensions every two years. The last adaptation dates back to 2019.


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