Another 11 landings in Lampedusa, 219 migrants arrived

Another 11 landings in Lampedusa, 219 migrants arrived

Another eleven small boats for a total of 219 Tunisians on board arrived in Lampedusa from midnight until dawn.

lampedusa migrants landing 10 October 2020 (ansa)

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lampedusa migrants landing 10 October 2020 (ansa)

After yesterday’s flurry of landings – 15 boats with a total of 433 migrants – sightings, boardings and landings continued throughout the night. To block the boats – which had on board from a minimum of 11 to a maximum of 81 people – were the patrol boats of the Port Authority and the Guardia di Finanza.

The Carabinieri instead intercepted and stopped the migrants of two landings with 11 and 13 people who took place directly at the commercial pier.

Among the new arrivals, there are also 6 women and 4 minors. All have been transferred to the hotspot in the Imbriacola district.

665 in the hotspot of Contrada Imbriacola

665 migrants are guests of the Lampedusa hotspot. After a total of 26 landings in about 30 hours, the first reception facility – which had been empty for days – is again overcrowded. In front of the island, in the harbor, there is the Snav Adriatico quarantine ship and in the next few hours the Azzurra should also arrive, currently in front of Augusta (Sr). All migrants, after entering the hotspot, are subjected to anti-Covid nasopharyngeal swab. As the results of the tests arrive, it will be possible to proceed with their boarding on the quarantine ship, establishing, in fact, whether they will have to go to the area dedicated to the infected or to the cabins where there are negatives.

57 landed in Roccella Ionica

New landing of migrants along the Ionian coast of Locride, in Reggino. This is the seventh landing of migrants in the past eight days. An unprecedented mass exodus in Calabria. The last shipment of human beings arrived this morning before dawn in the port of Roccella Jonica. There are 57 Iranians and Iraqis. Among them also 3 women and 18 minors, of which 9 unaccompanied. All after disembarkation underwent a nasopharyngeal swab for coronavirus. The migrants were on board a sailboat about fifteen meters long, intercepted off the Ionian coast by the patrol boats of the Coast Guard and the Guardia di Finanza of Roccella Jonica. While waiting to be transferred to more adequate structures from both a logistical and a health point of view, the migrants were temporarily placed in a public facility made available by the Municipality of Roccella Jonica.

Repeated landings on the coasts of southern Sardinia

From yesterday evening to this morning the landings of migrants in southern Sardinia have never stopped and it is difficult at the moment to establish the exact number of foreigners who arrived in the last hours. Eleven migrants disembarked during the night on the beach of Is Prunis in Sant’Antioco. Five other Algerians on the advice of the Finance Police were traced by the Carabinieri inside the Teulada polygon. Four other foreigners, shortly after 11 pm, arrived independently at the port of Cala Verde in the territory of Pula. This morning another 11 Algerians were intercepted by the Guardia di Finanza on the beach of Campionna in Teulada, while another small boat was also spotted by the patrol boats of the Yellow Flames 16 miles from Sant’Antioco.


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