Another Pentacoastal B-Side came out and it’s awesome. Let it go

 Another Pentacoastal B-Side came out and it's awesome. Let it go

We know that the film is good when surfing like this did not make the cut.

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Another part of the Pentacoastal B-Side came out and what to say?

That Dane Reynolds surfs a lot?

I think we can all agree on that. But what to talk about further?

The way in which Dane cuts the transition and migrates to the lip is … unmatched.

“The tropics always seem to produce an excess of premium clips. Enjoy five minutes of heavy surfing by Wade Goodall, Dane Reynolds, Harry Bryant, Dylan Graves and Tanner Gudauskas, who did not make it to the main part of Pentacoastal, ”wrote Vans on your Instagram.

What’s up, reader, what do you think? Play below and draw your conclusions:


The second part of Pentacoastal’s “rejects”, has night surf filmed around two in the morning in Tea-Tree Noosa, Queensland, Australia.

In short, Cyclone Oma hit the east coast of Australia and the team of surfers went surfing at night to escape the crowd by day.

They made a scheme with a car battery and a light spot to see how it would work. It happened:

According to Vans, the Part Three of the B-Sides Series shows a lot of moments that just didn’t fit in the tropic part of “Pentacoastal”.

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