Anti-corruption accuses the judge of “closing in false” the ‘Dina case’ and points to the “criminal organization of Villarejo”

Anti-corruption accuses the judge of

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The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office has appealed the order with which Judge García-Castellón intends to complete the instruction of the ‘Dina case‘ e accuse the vice president of the Government and leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias. In your writing, the public prosecutor accuses the judge of “closing in false” this case and points out that the “main hypothesis” is that the “criminal organization of Villarejo” was responsible for sending the card Dina Bousselham to the media, as advanced this Saturday The Spanish.

“The main hypothesis in the investigation is that the source of Okdiario’s publications was the criminal organization of Jose Manuel Villarejo“, maintains the Prosecutor’s Office in its brief, in which it speaks of the” limited description of the punishable acts “that the judge makes in his car. In that sense, the public prosecutor stresses that Bousselham’s card was “allegedly stolen”.

“One thing is that the source from which the screenshots came to said digital (Okdiario) could derive from Dina Bousselham, and quite another is that the criminal organization of Villarejo can be ruled out as a source of said digital or of the others (El Mundo and El Confidencial), an aspect on which the Chamber especially affects, “the prosecutors say in their brief, which has also been shelled by

Pablo Iglesias asks to annul the car

This information has transpired after this Saturday The country will advance the Appeal of Pablo Iglesias before the National Court against the order of judge García-Castellón. Iglesias considers that the judge’s determination “renders without material effect” the decision of the Chamber to return him to the status of victim and accuses García-Castellón of acting in an “arbitrary and unjustified” manner in the call ‘Dina case‘.

Pablo Iglesias has requested the “radical nullity” of the order with which García-Castellón has applied to the Supreme Court the imputation of the leader of Podemos

Therefore, Pablo Iglesias has requested the “radical nullity” of the order with which García-Castellón has requested the Supreme Court to impute the leader of Podemos. The vice president of the Government also bases his request on different reasons, such as that the magistrate’s order “lacks foundation”, without “evidence to support” the accusations against him.


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