Apple doesn’t need to bring Fortnite back to the app store

Apple doesn't need to bring Fortnite back to the app store

Did Epic Games gamble away in its attack on Apple’s app store rules? According to a court ruling, Apple does not have to restart the epic game Fortnite – for the time being.

Epic game Fortnite Battle Royale - return to Apple's app store excluded?

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Epic game Fortnite Battle Royale – return to Apple’s app store excluded?

The competition watchdogs of the US House of Representatives wrote in a 450 page report the four big tech companies Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google accused of having one to have a dominant position. The app store also plays an important role in the report; Former App Store Manager Phil Shoemaker explained that the rules kept repeating used as a “weapon against competition” have been. Regardless, Epic Games suffered a setback in its fight against these rules.

Verdict: No comeback for Fortnite – for now

On Friday, federal judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers in Oakland, California, ruled that Apple did not have to put the popular Fortnite game from Epic Games back in the app store for the time being. The judge thus rejected the game manufacturer’s application for a corresponding preliminary injunction against Apple. This will make Fortnite in its current form up to one – but only for now expected for summer 2021 – final verdict do not return to the iOS app shop, like The Verge writes.

Video: ECJ limits data retention (Euronews)

ECJ limits data retention



However, apparently only a jury decision would take until July. A judge’s verdict, preferred according to the US media by Apple and Epic, could come earlier. It would also be possible for both parties to reach an out-of-court settlement – which could also be faster. For Fortnite fans there is also the hope that Epic will give in and the game without the integrated payment option, which is where the dispute and the Had ignited expulsion from the app store, brings back – if Apple allows it.

Apple is not allowed to kick out Unreal Engine

The one also in Apple’s sights Epic developer platform Unreal Engine The iPhone company is not allowed to throw it out of the app store. According to the ruling, the dispute between Apple and Epic should not have any negative effects on third parties. The public interest lies overwhelmingly on the part of the Unreal Engine and the corresponding Epic customers.

Epic Games has received a lot of support from other companies in the past few weeks, who are now also loudly criticizing Apple’s strict rules regarding the inclusion of applications in the app store. In September, companies such as Spotify, Tile and the Match Group joined forces with Epic to form a so-called App Fairness Coalition together. Spotify, for example, only had Apple in mid-September because of its new subscription package Apple One Accused of “unfair competition”.


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