Are you too old for jeans from 53?

Are you too old for jeans from 53?

We owe our luxury lives to science. In addition to many great findings and developments based on them, there are also studies that ask yourself: “Seriously? You can research that? ”This category definitely includes the work of a British research team. The subject of investigation was jeans, or more precisely, the age at which women are too old for the popular pants. Incidentally, the study was financed by a parcel service – someone was probably fed up with lugging parcels of clothes.


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Is there a maximum age for jeans?

The researchers answer this earth-shattering question with a resounding “Yes!” 53 years is the limit at which women should part with the popular pants. Incidentally, the study did not examine the figure of the test persons, which can sometimes become a bit fuller with age, but a completely different aspect.

The main question of the study is how long it takes a woman to find the perfect pair of jeans on a shopping trip. Hold on tight: the researchers determined a total of five days. And not only that: for six percent of the study participants, the jeans search ended in a crying fit. The study did not record whether it was desperate to go to the clothing stores or the time lost in the search for suitable trousers.

The researchers’ conclusion is clear: From the age of 53, women should say goodbye to jeans as a piece of clothing. The risk of despair when looking for jeans is too high. The study also supplies one culprit: the fashion industry. This mainly produces cuts that look good in the shop window, but that are not adapted to the real figure of many women. So, dear jeans manufacturers: Here is your niche in the market!

When we feel like it, we wear jeans at any age. For example these models here:

Research or not: You’re never too old for jeans!

The study may be well carried out, but it cannot be taken very seriously. First, of course, the result is just a statistical finding. Second, the times when we had to be told what to wear and what not to wear are long gone – and no one mourns them!

This is why: Don’t take the study too seriously, trust your own feelings. If you like to wear jeans then put them on! After all, you alone decide what to wear. And if your jeans are torn and you urgently need new ones, then don’t let that stop you. Even if the study is correct, it only means that if the worst comes to the worst, you have five full days of shopping ahead of you – in which you may not find a new pair of jeans straight away, but you will certainly find a number of other favorite items. The jeans are then available as the crowning glory: in them you are sure to cut a great figure, no matter how old you are.

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