“Argentina needs a political agreement between the different forces”


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In a unique context, as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic that plagues the whole world, this week a new edition of the IDEA Colloquium. Far from the usual human contact, coffee talks and the possibility of relating to others, this time this space for reflection on the agreements that are needed to build the Argentina that is wanted has moved to computers and virtual conferences.

It was precisely this human contact that he missed Antonio Aracre, Co director of Syngenta’s business for Latin America and president of Syngenta Agro SA in Argentina. “Many of us miss that retirement thing that the event had. It is not the same to be at home with the computer connected to the emails and with one ear listening to the presentations and with the other being attentive to what is happening in your day-to-day life ”, he assured. “The hallway, the break, the social issue was very missed because it is not common for businessmen to have these spaces in common,” he added.

IDEA colloquium: distrustful courtship between Fernández and businessmen

Despite this problem, Aracre highlighted the quality of the speakers and said that “it is very valuable that a project of this magnitude be developed in this context.” The president of Syngenta Agro SA in Argentina appreciated that there was a difference of thoughts and a variety of topics.

In this sense, the businessman highlighted the panel on justice on Thursday, October 15: “I found it very interesting to learn that for five years the Court has stopped a ruling on the operation of justice. “It speaks a lot about itself that the Court takes that time and still cannot decide if a 2006 law is unconstitutional or not, nothing less than the foundation of the functioning of power where it itself (the Court) is the main constituent of decision”he declared.

However, Aracre regretted the lack of more short-term issues taking into account the crises that Argentina is going through. “The business contribution in round tables on how to get out of this problem would have been interesting. The Colloquium was based much more on discussions of things to do in the longer term and little was said about the situation “, he assured.

On the other hand, Co director of Syngenta’s business for Latin America referred to the measures that the Government took to control the economic situation and how they affected the company. In the first place, Aracre said that “luckily the company is inserted in the agribusiness market where the pandemic had a more positive than negative effect.”

Governors call for better federal articulation and co-participation

Regarding the crisis more related to endemic issues in Argentina, he explained that “that always It jeopardizes the availability of dollars that exist to freely trade in the country, be it taking loans, getting into debt or importing”. “Fortunately, for the essential issues until now there have been no problems and there have always been good lines of dialogue with the Government, which fully understands the strategic importance of an adequate flow of inputs for agriculture because it is the basis for the entry of foreign currency. which is a critical resource ”.

“Despite all that, uA disorderly macro, with inflation still very high, with many exchange rates and with a perspective of great uncertainty in the short and medium term about what will happen to the reserves and how to get out of this issue of a dollar that seems uncontrolled complicates the negotiation of investments with the rest of the countries and companies and the possibility of growth“, he pointed. “The priority of stabilizing the macro should be a number one issue in order to create a business environment that allows us to get out of this situation,” he said.

Given the outlook, Aracre remarked that from Syngenta’s headquarters in Switzerland, they do not conceive the idea of ​​not being present in Argentina as it is considered a strategic and significant market in its magnitude. “It is not an alternative to pack your bags and leave the country”He insisted.

Guzmán confirmed that there will be no devaluation and said that the official dollar “represents reality.”

Another aspect discussed in the interview was the future of the country and the company. Thus, the president of Syngenta Agro SA in Argentina spoke about the prospects for the coarse and commented that “at the price level it is estimated that it will be very interesting, especially considering what happened with soybeans.” Regarding the climate, he acknowledged that “some areas were badly hit by the dry season and fires, but that the rains the other day added to the rainfall expected for next week could provide the conditions for a very good season, which would be very good news for the sector and for the country ”.

Finally, Aracre gave his vision on the measures that need to be taken to begin to get ahead economically. “It is impossible to think of economic growth in the midst of the disorder that is being experienced. It is imperative to give predictability to macroeconomic variables”, He opined. “It would revise the budget in terms of the possibility of halving the fiscal deficit. That does not mean that social spending has to be cut. It seems to me that the big problem in Argentina is not only how much we spend, but that we spend badly ”, he declared.

Further, qualified as unfeasible to have a dollar above $ 170. “We must institutionalize a” financial dollar “with a doubling of the exchange rate. The protected exchange rate for international trade so that inflation does not get out of hand is fine. But it is also necessary to give volume, predictability and supply to a financial market that today does not have it ”, he remarked.

To achieve this, Aracre believes that “something consistent in the long term is needed, for which a political agreement between the different forces is essential.”


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