Army trusts grew 1.048% at the end of 2019

Army trusts grew 1.048% at the end of 2019

In the midst of the controversial decision that the Chamber of Deputies After 109 trusts and public funds related to science, technology and culture disappear, something that still has to be approved by the Senate, an investigation revealed that the resources of the trusts of the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena) increased by 1,048% between the third and fourth quarter of 2019.

With the López Obrador administration, the resources assigned to the Sedena have been increasing year after year.

With the López Obrador administration, the resources assigned to the Sedena have been increasing year after year.

The study prepared by Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity points out that in the third quarter of 2019, the Ministry of Finance reported that Sedena’s trusts reached 2.505 million pesos (mp), during the last quarter of 2019 there was an “unprecedented jump” of 26.252 million pesos; that is, an increase of 1,048%.

The report indicates that the growth of the resources of the Sedena trusts did not stop there, since during 2020 they reached 31,980 million pesos. Of these, 30,193 million pesos, that is, 94%, are in the Public Trust for Administration and Payment of Military Equipment.

The remaining 6% is divided among three other trusts: Mandate for the Payment of Retirement, Pensions and Compensations; Trust in Favor of the Children of the Personnel Attached to the Presidential General Staff; Trust to Support Debts of Military Deceased in High Risk Service Acts.

Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity indicates that the 31,980 million pesos assigned in trusts to the Sedena during the administration of the Andrés López Obrador government exceed what former presidents Felipe Calderón (2006-2012) or Enrique Peña Nieto (2012) -2018) allocated to these funds.

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During the Calderón administration, the Army trusts had an average of 3,995 million pesos and in Enrique Peña Nieto’s, the average was 5,574 million pesos, according to the same information.

One of the commitments that López Obrador made when he took office was to disappear trusts and funds, as he has maintained they have been handled in a discretionary and not very transparent manner.

‘Trusts are devices that were created over time to duplicate the functions of the public administration, to have no control or to have a wide sleeve and to be able to manage resources without supervision; in some cases, deliver resources to those who do not need them, just because they are close to those who rule or decide in government, ‘said López Obrador just this October 6.

The federal government’s plan is to eliminate 109 trusts and public funds with $ 68,000 million pesos so that the Ministry of Finance collects all those money and occupies only one item to attend the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

According to the president himself, the extinction of trusts will not affect in any way the delivery of support that the federal government gives to athletes, artists and researchers, although these same sectors, who have maintained a series of protests against this measure, accuse that there is no clear route of how the money is intended to be used, so they have asked the Senate to stop its disappearance.


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