Arrimadas calls for a national plan against the pandemic that sets the European criteria for the Covid ‘traffic light’

Arrimadas calls for a national plan against the pandemic that sets the European criteria for the Covid 'traffic light'

Inés Arrimadas

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Inés Arrimadas

The leader of Citizens, Inés Arrimadas, has asked the President of the Government this Sunday, Pedro Sanchez, a “national plan to contain the second wave“that sets the European criteria agreed at the ‘Covid’ traffic light so that” Spain arrives in green “at Christmas, with a cumulative incidence of less than 25 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Arrimadas explained that, according to the agreement in the European Union to stop the pandemic, Spain is “far” from overcoming the second wave of the health crisis and has claimed seize “the second chance” to “not be the worst country”.

For this reason, it has demanded the Government join the “European criteria” and drop to a cumulative incidence of 25 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants before Christmas, in order to “enjoy the family”, give “certainty” to the economic sectors and avoid other “many problems” in the field of health.

“We are going to add Covid patients with other pathologies“, Arrimadas pointed out in an interview in La Sexta in which he stressed joining” the European green car “because, in his opinion, the threshold of 500 positive cases of coronavirus proposed by the Ministry of Health is” far “from what that the countries of our surroundings consider.

Asked by the restrictions in Catalonia, with the closure of bars and restaurants to stop contagions, the leader of the orange formation recalled that it went from “reopening nightlife” to closing “everything”, so it has claimed “legal security” and generate “certainty “, in addition to” unity “to the political class.

“You have to take strong measures but do it in a planned way, agreed and giving legal certainty “, Arrimadas clarified, who has emphasized that” if you close a sector, you have to have measures to support it. ”

About the differences between Ciudadanos and the PP In the Government of the Community of Madrid, Arrimadas has demanded to stop the “fight for the legal instrument” – referring to the state of alarm– to reach a “consensus”. “The important thing is not the instrument, but the measures that are put in place,” he justified, while pointing out that since its formation “the measures of the Interterritorial Health Council had not been appealed” to justice.

In this regard, he praised the vice president, Ignacio Aguado, for “going out publicly” and asking the Government of Spain for help because “things are not going well”. “He has been brave and responsible”, highlighted the political leader, who has recognized “different positions” in the regional government for the management of the pandemic. “Disputes must be avoided”, he has settled.


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