Asset manager is optimistic: Strong recovery and all-time highs ahead

Will the big crash come if Trump loses the election?

The stock markets have tended to recover after the corona shock. An asset manager is building on a year-end rally – which is to be flanked by an irregular recovery.

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?? Bullish assessment of a multi-million dollar asset manager

?? Irregular but strong recovery expected

?? “You can’t stop the train that’s already moving”

Loreen Gilbert is CEO of WealthWise Financial Manager of a multi-million dollar fortune. The market expert recently revealed herself to the US broadcaster CNBC as bull.

Stock markets on the trail of new all-time highs

New all-time highs ahead? At least that’s what Gilbert thinks, who was optimistic in the conversation. The asset manager argues her bullish view of developments on the stock exchanges with the economic recovery: this could be irregular, but it will be strong. These tendencies are already being felt and since she is not worried, she assumes that this direction will continue. “You can’t stop the train that’s already moving.” The elimination of existing uncertainties is essential for new record levels.

US elections – cause for concern?

Gilbert is not worried that the US presidential election is approaching – she is not concerned that the result will have a significant impact. Experts generally disagree on this. Some attribute different effects to the various election outcomes, others do not anticipate that there will be significant fluctuations in the stock markets. Gilbert thinks that there could be increased volatility despite the upward trend. However, according to her statements in the CNBC program, the financial manager expected another aid package. With his latest statements, however, the US President has now pushed this into the distance.

“People don’t want to be outside of this market,” Gilbert said. “We are in a bull market.” editors


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