AstraZeneca to test human covid-19 antibody treatment

AstraZeneca to test human covid-19 antibody treatment

The laboratory AstraZeneca will test the long-acting antibody combination in humans (LAAB), AZD7442, its treatment against coronavirus covid-19, which will advance to two phase III clinical trials.

AstraZeneca today resumed clinical trials for coronavirus vaccine

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AstraZeneca today resumed clinical trials for coronavirus vaccine

In a statement, the laboratory indicated that the treatment will be tested in more than 6 thousand people inside and outside the United States and is expected to start in the coming weeks.

“One trial will evaluate the safety and efficacy of AZD7442 in preventing infections for up to 12 months, in approximately 5,000 participants. The second trial will evaluate post-exposure prophylaxis and preventive treatment in approximately 1,100 participants.

“AstraZeneca is planning additional trials to evaluate AZD7442 in approximately 4,000 patients for the treatment of COVID-1,” he said.

He explained that the LAABs were designed with AstraZeneca’s proprietary half-life extension technology, toincrease the durability of the therapy from six to 12 months after a single administration, as well as to reduce the risk of resistance developed by the virus.

The company received support of around $ 486 million from the US government for the development and supply of AZD7442, as part of an agreement with the Advanced Biomedical Research and Development Authority (BARDA).

AstraZeneca plans to supply up to 100,000 doses starting in late 2020, and the US government may purchase up to an additional 1 million doses in 2021.

“This agreement with the United States government will help accelerate the development of our long-acting antibody combination that has the potential to provide an immediate and long-lasting effect in both the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 infections.

“We will evaluate the combination of LAAB in different settings, from prophylaxis to outpatient treatment to hospitalization, with a focus on helping the most vulnerable people,” said Pascal Soriot, CEO of AstraZeneca.

LAABs mimic natural antibodies and have the potential to treat and prevent disease progression in patients who are already infected with the virus, as well as to be administered as a preventive intervention before exposure to the virus.

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A LAAB combination could be complementary to vaccines as a prophylactic agent, that is, for people for whom a vaccine may not be appropriate or to provide additional protection to high-risk populations, but it can also be used to treat infected people.

What is AZD7442?

AZD7442 is a combination of two LAABs, derived from patients convalescing after a SARS-CoV-2 infection.

They were discovered by Vanderbilt University Medical Center and licensed by AstraZeneca in June 2020.

LAABs were optimized by AstraZeneca with extended half-life and reduced receptor binding. Long-half-life LAABs should provide six to 12 months of protection against COVID-19.



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