At least 7 killed in attack on Azerbaijani second city, according to Baku

At least 7 killed in attack on Azerbaijani second city, according to Baku

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Baku, Oct 11 (EFE) .- At least seven people died today in an attack by Armenian artillery against the second Azerbaijani city, Ganja, despite the ceasefire signed between both parties, according to the Azerbaijani Presidency.

“Three residential buildings have been destroyed. At least seven people have been killed at the moment, including women,” Hikmet Hajiyev, advisor to the Azerbaijani presidency, Hikmet Hajiyev, said on his Twitter account.

Hajiyev, who noted that the attack took place in the middle of the night, estimated the number of seriously injured at more than thirty, including children.

“Armenia is taking advantage of the humanitarian ceasefire to attack Azerbaijani civilians,” he commented.

The presidential adviser denounced that the attack was “indiscriminate” and that it reached a “highly populated” area of ​​the country bathed by the Caspian Sea.

“The humanitarian truce has been violated. Armenia must be stopped,” he added.

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Armenia denied having perpetrated the attack and called the Azerbaijani allegations “disinformation”.

For its part, Yerevan denounced the death of civilians, including women and a disabled minor, at the hands of Azerbaijani soldiers in the city of Hadrut, which was denied by Baku.

After a quiet day on Saturday, the Karabakh capital, Stepanakert, was again the target of enemy attacks in the last hours, as were the towns of Martuní and Shushá.

Azerbaijanis and Armenians agreed on Friday night in Moscow on a humanitarian ceasefire that took effect at noon on Saturday to exchange prisoners of war and exchange bodies of fallen soldiers at the front.

However, from the outset both sides have accused each other of violating the fragile truce and have announced military response measures.

In addition, Baku and Yerevan pledged in the Russian capital to begin “substantial negotiations” in order to achieve a “prompt” peaceful settlement to the conflict, although no deadlines were mentioned either for the cessation of hostilities or for a resumption of the peace process. .

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