“Attention to the numbers but we are not in an alarm situation”


“That there has been an acceleration in the last 10-15 days is indubitable, but before talking about exponential growth I would be cautious. We are not in this situation. It is right to look at the numbers with maximum attention but we are not in a situation nor of panic or alarm “. This was stated by Franco Locatelli, president of the Higher Health Council, to ‘In half an hour more’ on Rai 3. “We have 700 people in intensive care, not even comparable to the peak with more than 4,000 patients”, he added. “Of the 11,000 cases recorded yesterday, a little less than a third concern symptomatic subjects”.

Franco Locatelli at Mezz'ora in più (@Mezzorainpiu)

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Franco Locatelli at Mezz’ora in più (@Mezzorainpiu)

“Out of control if 1% of the population is infected”

“To say that the pandemic is out of control, other factors are needed: occupancy of beds, contact tracing. There is a line of thought that is developing in Europe that says that the system risks going out of control when it is around. 1% of the infected population, 600,000 people in Italy “.

“I don’t think an evening curfew is necessary”

“I don’t think we have to get” to an evening curfew to counter the spread of coronavirus infections, “certainly an eye on the gatherings should perhaps be given, perhaps by implementing the surveillance mechanisms” specified Locatelli. Then speaking of a possible lockdown, he said: “I want to hope that we do not reach a lockdown on a national scale, we are working on this, also to reconcile the protection of health with the maintenance of production activities in the country”. Locatelli added that “we will presumably have a vaccine in the spring of 2021, until then we have to live together in order to minimize the impact of the coronavirus on the lives of Italians”.

He also reassured: “We have many more respirators in intensive care, a capacity to make tampons that is formidably high already now. The purchase of antigenic tampons should arrive very soon because Commissioner Arcuri has all the elements available”.

“The school remains open, limited impact on the epidemic”

Speaking of the school, however, he reiterated the need to avoid any closure. “The school must remain open. The school is the priority of this country, together with work and productive activities. The effort made by the ministers Azzolina and Speranza has been extraordinary and must be kept open. The contribution of the school to the development of the epidemic is absolutely limited, “he added.


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