Autumn makeup according to Mariela Bagnato

Autumn makeup according to Mariela Bagnato

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Although we are still going through a time of few outings and social commitments, we wanted to talk with the famous makeup artist of the stars, the Argentine Mariela Bagnato, who, through Mary Kay, shared some tips regarding makeup.

What are the makeup trends for this fall / winter?

This fall / winter we will find more natural trends but with a lot of color presence. Monochromatic looks are back, combining shades in the eyes, blush and lips to create a more integrated makeup.

The most real skins without so much excess of ‘contour’ and cream blushes are very present in the collections of many brands of beauty products.

Cream blush is one of my favorite products as it is very easy and practical to apply. For example, him Mary Kay Cream Blush Duo Stick Edicion Limitada it is ideal for this season in which the trend proposes a more ‘effortless’ and natural look.

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What do you recommend regarding eye makeup, taking into account the use of the mask?

Definitely with the changes that we are experiencing, the eyes have taken a lot of prominence. Use shadows with reflective pigments such as Edicion Limited Foil Eye Shadow Duo by Mary Kay that have a metallic effect, they are ideal for an easy application since they glide very smoothly as a cream shadow, and leave a luminous finish for a daily look or for a more glam look.

Frame the eyebrows for a more defined look and accentuate the lashes with false lashes like my ‘soft glam’ from my brand MBeauty they will highlight your eyes for a festive look this season begins.

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