Ayuso proposes to only close Madrid during the bridges, not the rest of the week

Ayuso proposes to only close Madrid during the bridges, not the rest of the week

Madrid will alternate the perimeter closure with the restrictions for basic health areas

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Madrid will alternate the perimeter closure with the restrictions for basic health areas

Madrid It will be closed this weekend, which with the Todos Los Santos bridge will last until Monday, will reopen on Tuesday, but will close again next weekend. That, with the Almudena festival is also puente this year, to reopen the following Tuesday the 10th. This is the calendar of closings and openings decided by the Government of the Community of Madrid who, despite pressure from Ciudadanos, a coalition partner, and the presidents of the communities bordering, casts itself on its idea of ​​”to close just it essential“Keeping open he rest of the week.

“This morning I decided to order the closure during the bridge (of All Saints) but only for the essential days and to do the same, in this way, on the next one (Almudena bridge, from November 7 to 9). Other autonomous communities have already done so and I hope that we will be heard to take intermediate surgical measures. Essential days for mass displacements ”, Ayuso pointed out in statements sent by his press team.

The popular leader assures that “flexible norms are needed. I ask again for dialogue so that with these orders we can make the openings and closings of the autonomous communities more flexible because the pandemic is going to be with us for a long time and there would be days that we have to close one, two or not, “he said.

With this proposal, of which did not report to the President of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, nor the President of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Manueco, who yesterday appeared before the press convinced that the three-party meeting they held would be closed with a uniform perimeter closure pact until November 9, the regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, adds one more variable to the scenario of restrictions in the country . Aware of the commotion caused by this, Ayuso wanted to “convey that message of union and collaboration and say that yesterday’s photo is very important and served.”

The president had already warned this morning of her intentions in an interview with the Cope chain in which he defended “not being in favor of closing itself.” “I am looking for an alternative so that during the bridge it is closed, but for the shortest possible time. For this reason, I wrote Pedro Sánchez a letter yesterday, so that instead of closing seven days, do it for less time and see how it evolves, “he said.

Ayuso argues that he does not know “based on what experts and reports are based to think that the effects are noticeable in seven days, because if it were for a health issue the effects are fourteen”. However, it does not clarify why Madrid is betting on closures of fewer days still than those provided by the state of alarm. However, the Association for the Defense of Public Health of Madrid (ADSPM) has reminded him that, in a statement on October 22, the prestigious scientific journal ‘The Lancet’ stated that mobility restriction measures should be effective in order to be effective. to be done between 1 and 3 weeks minimum.

The umpteenth change of restrictions

The people of Madrid already have one more order of restrictions to add to the long list. Last week, the Community of Madrid waited until Friday the 23rd at noon to advance the restrictions that, 24 hours later, should come into force when the state of alarm imposed by the Government 15 days before declined.

Measure, the latter, declared on the 9th -also Friday-, after the Community of Madrid waited, again, until the deadline to communicate what type of restrictions it adopted after having challenged before the Supreme Court the partial closure decreed from Moncloa by the increase in infections by Covid-19.

Three weeks earlier, on September 18, also Friday, Madrid ordered the limitation of mobility in 37 basic health areas in municipalities with more than 1,000 cases per 100,000 inhabitants of accumulated incidence. The following Friday, the 25th, he extended the perimeter limitation to another seven areas, but on October 1, in compliance with the ministerial order, he had to repeal both regulations before the ministerial order.

Page denounces Ayuso’s “confusion” and that he “assumed” the agreement to confine Madrid and the two Castiles


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