Balloon jeans or that garment that will replace all your pants

Balloon jeans or that garment that will replace all your pants

Among the wide range of jeans that currently exist, there are some that are crowned as a replacement for mom jeans, why? Well, you just have to see their silhouette, one that, just by seeing it makes you want to put it on, they are that kind of pants that they wear and a lot, we mean balloon jeans.

Hybrids between mom jeans, boyfriend jeans and paperbag jeans, this garment has been advertised as a trend in pants since last year. his panties silhouette at the top of the legs, it discreetly made its way into the Chanel spring / summer 2020 season and evolved until reaching the maximum of its splendors in the autumn / winter 2020 of the same brand, where they were presented in their most elegant and with the aggregate it that any pants or lack can have at the moment: side openings.

© Vogue Mexico and Latin America
Left: Balloon jeans from Chanel in spring / summer. Right: Chanel’s balloon jeans in fall / winter

What makes balloon jeans are so special? For starters, they are pretty democratic pants. In very straight figures, they have the ability to form the optical illusion of a much curvier silhouette and legs with greater volume, while those that have prominent hips, can benefit from the balanced vision that this garment provides at the waist, since its rise is usually high.

How to combine the balloon jeans?

From street style, we have learned that balloon jeans they are, by themselves, a statement piece. This means that its dramatic voluminous silhouette, one that is governed by maxi trends with extravagant and striking shapes, is enough to look perfect with little effort (That’s what we mean by ‘they dress a lot’). Therefore, adding accessories is not complex at all, but yes, you have to know how to accommodate them so as not to detract from the trousers.

When we talk about carrying balloon jeans, the key is always highlight your waist so that the balloon silhouette is even more evident and, incidentally, make you look much more stylized. This can be achieved with t-shirts, shirts or blouses tightly tucked inside the pants.

Opt for garments that highlight your waist so as not to detract from the balloon jeans.

© Edward Berthelot
Opt for garments that highlight your waist so as not to detract from the balloon jeans.

In the fall / winter season 2020, what you wear to cover yourself also becomes relevant, but neglect, these jeans too They have you covered and it is also very easy to find a blazer, coat or sweater that goes very well with your outfits. The best dressed in the world They know it by heart and that’s why they wear practically anything on top to protect themselves from the cold.

Regarding the shoes to combine balloon jeans, the style prescribers have conclusively shown their verdict: ankle boots, booties and more booties. There are also those who have not been able to avoid combining them with stilettos, but if you are one of those who does not tolerate the idea of ​​wearing heels every day, sneakers or loafers may be the perfect solution.

What not to do when wearing balloon jeans?

If you want avoid looking too bulky At the top and bottom, try not to wear blouses or shirts that are too loose, as they can break the harmony of the balloon jeans. On the other hand, if you are short and use this type of pantsMake sure the baggy is not too wide, it is a detail that can subtract centimeters from your height if you do not master it correctly.


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