Banks will be forced to offer a basic service to businesses

Banks will be forced to offer a basic service to businesses

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A bill aimed at the creation of a basic banking service for businesses, carried by the CD&V, was approved on Thursday in the plenary session of the Chamber. This text should in particular allow all companies to open a bank account.

Companies from different sectors find it difficult to access basic operations in a Belgian bank. Football, hospitality, the diamond sector and the bookstore sector are the main affected. “Without a bank account, it is impossible to be an entrepreneur in Belgium,” said CD&V MP Leen Dierick, author of the proposal.

This basic service, which exists for consumers, is also a means of tracking down money laundering and the financing of criminal activities, underlines the CD&V. It will be available on request from a company that has suffered three rejections from credit institutions.

The bill was adopted unanimously minus the vote against the PTB. The Communists considered that this text was tailor-made for the diamond sector “which laundered so much money that they managed to upset the banks”, underlined the deputy Marco Van Hees.

“We have amended this proposal to establish guidelines,” replied Gilles Vanden Burre (Ecolo). “And we ended up with a text which allows us not to drift and which responds to a demand in the field.”

“The existence of a bank account makes it possible precisely to be able to observe suspicious transactions”, added Benoît Piedboeuf (MR).

Marco Van Hees said he supported the amendments, but considered them insufficient.


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