Barby Silenzi’s word after testing positive for COVID-19

Barby Silenzi's word after testing positive for COVID-19


Yesterday Pampito Perello confirmed that both the Polish as your partner, Barby Silenzi, suffer from Coronavirus.

In addition, he assured that due to the contagion of the singer they had decided to suspend the recordings of Masterchef Celebrity and that the show’s production will preventively swab everyone.

In what was of the day, Barby came out to confirm the news and said that his youngest daughter, April, began with the picture of symptoms of the virus: “On Wednesday Eze and I swabbed each other, and today Thursday morning they confirmed that we have coronavirus. I’m afraid of the baby, she was the one who started with the symptoms of fever” , he started saying.

“She’s fine now, she only had a fever one day. From the temperature, we deduced that April had had coronavirus. And in fact the pediatrician told us, ”he pointed out in a hand-in-hand with

In addition to April, Barby and the Pole must comply with the isolation with Elena, the dancer’s daughter with Francisco Delgado, Y Alma, the singer’s daughter with Valeria aquino. “Sol, the daughter of the Pole and Karinaluckily he is not with us ”, explained the former participant of the Dancing.


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