Beauty routine = fitness routine

Beauty routine = fitness routine

Most of us may have never thought about it, but our fitness routine has a huge impact on the health and beauty of our skin.

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In particular in this era of Covid, many have left the restricted environment of the gyms and opted for an outdoor training: the pros are many, but there are also several cons to consider. First of all, pollution, bad weather and harmful UV rays.

For this reason, experts recommend never going out without first applying a sunscreen, especially if we have sensitive skin. We choose a cream that acts as a barrier against both UVA and UVB rays, for example SVR Cicavit + Crème SPF 50+.

Specially formulated for the male universe is the BEYL Clima-Adaptive Anti-Pollution cream, which protects the skin from “urban stress” in various weather conditions: cold, hot, dry or humid.

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To prevent impurities caused by clogged pores after a sweat, we always wash our face with a good cleanser such as Decree Deep Cleanse.

“It is a creamy, clayey soap, enriched with fruit acids, lactic acid and salicylic acid, bentonite and kaolin, zinc and sulfur, to remove excess oil and deeply exfoliate pores,” says Dr. Anita Sturnham, creator of the Decree brand.

And after the workout, if our skin needs an extra boost of hydration, we apply an intense formula, which contains strong ingredients such as safflower, apricot seeds and squalene.


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