because he wasted three months

because he wasted three months

L’Italy is dealing with the second wave of Covid-19 completely unprepared, without a clear strategy to stem the pandemic or adequate countermeasures, which had also been promised by the yellow and red government. The infections have broken through the ceiling of 10 thousand cases a day. Hospitals are starting to feel the pressure again, with the number of seats in intensive care insufficient if the epidemiological curve continues to rise with this rapidity. Yet – as revealed several times by – ​​those who had to manage this delicate situation, including Domenico Arcuri, had all summer to take adequate measures, so as to avoid the same mistakes of last spring, when the country presented itself to fight the virus inadequately.


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Arcuri in the eye of the stormThe spotlight is right on Domenico Arcuri, the “super commissioner” appointed by Giuseppe Conte for the coronavirus emergency. Already in the eye of the storm for the question of masks, according to what reported by the newspaper Domani, Arcuri would have wasted three months, without being able to guarantee Italy new jobs in intensive care.

Why is our country running out of breath now? In July – it is the reconstruction of the facts offered by Tomorrow – the Ministry of Health would have transmitted the projects of the Regions. The commissioner, however, would have given the proxies for the work only on October 9, that is a little over a week ago.

In other words, i plans made by the Regions to reorganize the various hospitals would have remained to gather dust on Arcuri’s table for over two months. Not only that: in recent months, roughly from July to September, the hospital wards had emptied thanks to the summer slowdown of the pandemic. And it was precisely in such a calm phase that the renovations could (and should) start.

This did not happen, however, since the tenders for the works only started in October, when Italy was already with one foot in the second wave. The Regions that in the meantime have equipped themselves by reorganizing the hospitals they did this by drawing on their own funds or by adapting old unused structures, adapting them to accommodate extra beds.

Three months wastedLet’s rewind the tape and try to figure out what happened. At the end of the first wave of Covid-19, the May 19, the government – through decree law 34 – gives regional administrations 30 days to reorganize the number of beds in intensive care. The executive’s goal? Bring them from 7 to 14 per 100 thousand inhabitants.

The government even allocates 1.1 billion for the various plans. Almost all the Regions respond present in time; 18 – emphasizes Domani – would have completed and delivered the projects to the executive within exactly one month. However, the Ministry asks some administrations to integrate the projects. By July 17th everything is ready, and by 24th the updated plans are approved.

At this point the documents would be sent both to the central budget offices and to the Court of Auditors, and to the structure assisted by Domenico Arcuri. The latter would receive the July 3 the plans of six regions (Abruzzo, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Marche, Umbria, Veneto and the two provinces of Trento and Bolzano). The last plan would have been that of Campania, which arrived on 24 July. On July 29, the green light arrives from the Corte dei Conti.

Arcuri is expected. But that does not arrive, just as the works of renovation expected. Abruzzo complains, asking to have the delegation from the emergency commissioner to be able to manage the reorganization independently. No way. On 9 October, two months after the Court of Auditors registered the last project, Arcuri finally signed the delegation orders to the regional presidents who had asked to manage the projects.

On the same day the commissioner would also have signed the nominations for the regions that had not requested the delegation. Meanwhile, however, the virus has started running again. And Italy discovers that it has burned precious weeks.


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