Because of Mandy Capristo, she didn’t dare to take on a solo career

Because of Mandy Capristo, she didn't dare to take on a solo career

For Senna Gammour (40) life changed abruptly in 2006 when she took part in the fifth season of the talent show “Popstars” and won. At the side of Mandy Capristo (30) and Spring Red (31) Senna became a star overnight with the band “Monrose”. But after five years the group finally left separate ways. In the new podcast “How are we today?” with Dr. Michael Lehnert and Michael Schacht now tells Senna how difficult it was for them back then and why she never dared to pursue a solo career.

Senna Gammour

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Senna Gammour

Ex- “Monrose” star Bahar Kizil: 10 years ago she was a mega pop star: Today her life looks completely different



Bahar’s life has also changed completely since the band split up. You can find out what the beautiful singer is doing today in the following video.

After “Monrose” it was quiet about Senna Gammour

In 2011 the shock news came for her fans: The successful band “Monrose“has broken up. While her former colleagues Mandy and Bahar headed for solo careers, Senna fell silent. As Podcast-guest she now revealed to Dr. Michael Lehnert: “From one day to the next, my cell phone stopped ringing – I was no longer interesting.” It was a tough time. But Senna got up again and found herself. “Then I did something good for my soul and am with mine family traveled and so on, took care of my relationship life. “

Senna Gammour did not dare to take on a solo career

The 40-year-old decided against a music career. The reason was probably the moderate success of her former colleagues. So Mandy tried to build up her own foothold as a solo artist and managed to do it with her album “Grace“In 2012 at least eighth in the German charts, but there was no further record.”Unfortunately, this did not give her the success, even though so many doors were open. I thought if she couldn’t do it, how am I supposed to do it?“, says Senna and makes it clear how intimidated the otherwise tough power woman was ten years ago. In the meantime, the native of Frankfurt is going her own way and delights us again and again in various TV formats with her talkative manner.

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