“Being positive does not mean that the vaccine does not work, on the contrary,” he explains.


Oxford vaccine volunteer, tested positive for coronavirus: “Being positive does not mean that the vaccine does not work, on the contrary,” explains Photo: iStock

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Oxford vaccine volunteer, tested positive for coronavirus: “Being positive does not mean that the vaccine does not work, on the contrary,” explains Photo: iStock

Joan Pons, a Spanish nurse and part of the group of volunteers from the clinical trial for the creation of the vaccine against Covid-19 by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford, it gave positive for coronavirus this week, which raised doubts and concern around this vaccine, however, he explained that contrary to being a concern, it is a positive thing.

The Covid-19 vaccine, is one of the issues that has kept us the most in suspense, because we are all awaiting its creation in order to protect ourselves and prevent more deaths. One of the most promising vaccines is the one created by the Oxford University and AstraZeneca Laboratory, which is located in the phase 3 of the clinical trial, waiting to prove its effectiveness.

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Oxford vaccine volunteer tests positive for coronavirus

On Thursday, October 8, Joan Pons, a Spanish nurse and volunteer for this vaccine, made known through a video on Twitter, which after almost 4 months testing negative for the coronavirus testing, a day before it had been positive.

That morning, Joan got up with a little nasal congestion and headache, so he followed the protocol indicated in the clinical trial and called the Oxford phone, who told him to do a PCR test and stay home; later he went to the hospital for more tests. He result was positive and you must quarantine at home, with the sole exception of going to the hospital next Thursday for new tests.

As it is one of the most promising vaccines, any adverse effect or situation reported around it causes concern, as it makes us think that it is a step backwards and it remains the possibility of having a vaccine soon, however, Joan indicates that it is the opposite .

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Without positives you cannot finish phase 3 and without finishing phase 3 there is no vaccine “

In interview with a Spanish radio station, Joan explained that it is important to understand that what is sought in this phase is study if the vaccine is effective. That is, if the number of antibodies that the vaccine had created were capable of ending the virus and the only way to know was that the volunteers were exposed to the virus and tested positive.

Hence, those in charge of the trial chose volunteers with a high probability of contagionThis way they could have the results much faster, therefore they selected staff in charge or volunteers from countries with high incidence, such as the United States, Brazil or South Africa.

However, the Spanish nurse also clarified that it is important differentiate coronavirus from Covid-19Well, one is the virus and the other the disease. The vaccine, protects from disease, avoiding that symptoms appear, that this progress and hospital assistance is needed.

Thus, does not prevent the virus from entering your bodyBut if it enters your lungs, it does not reach your blood. This because start to fight and try to kill him, lowering the probability not only that you will get sick and, at most, have mild symptoms, but also infect others, since a lower viral load makes you less contagious.

In that sense, he asks that people don’t worry or lose hope, well being positive was part of the study And it does not mean that the vaccine does not work, it simply protects you from a serious disease, it will never prevent you from getting the virus.

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Impossible to know if you received the vaccine or the placebo

Joan also explained that you don’t know if you were given the vaccine or the placeboWell, this is something that not even those in charge of the clinical trial know, since it was double blind, so only a computer has that data and the volunteers will find out until July 2021, when the study ends, although he hopes have had the vaccine.

However, so far he is well and no longer symptoms, which indicates that his body and immune system are working well, attacking and ending the coronavirus.

Regarding the probability that the vaccine will come out in January of next year, despite the fact that the study has not finished, he explained that it is possible if he answers the 3 key points: is safe, produces an immune response and is effective. And although more time is normally expected, in this case time means lives, so there is the possibility that the European Medicines Agency give a provisional license to stop this mortality and when the virus is more controlled, the definitive license would be given.

So far, everything is in researchers’ hands and we must trust that they will deliver the relevant results. Let’s remember that every vaccine runs risks of presenting adverse reactions, in addition to existing protocols to check their safety and efficacyTherefore, until investigators and health agencies take a decisive position, we cannot rule out the possibility that it is a successful vaccine.

For now, everything indicates that you are on the right track, but do not forget, as long as there is no approved and available vaccine, it is essential not to lower your guard.

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