Berlin is now paralyzing nightlife

Berlin is now paralyzing nightlife

The blinds go down around midnight. Usually people smoke, drink and make out here until dawn. This is over for the time being.

A curfew has been in effect in Berlin since the weekend. There will be no more parties until dawn for the time being. The symbol photo shows the Berlin TV tower on October 7, 2020.

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A curfew has been in effect in Berlin since the weekend. There will be no more parties until dawn for the time being. The symbol photo shows the Berlin TV tower on October 7, 2020.

There is now a curfew in Berlin. Because more and more people are infected with the corona virus, the metropolis is tightening the rules. Will that do anything?

The corona numbers are also increasing in Berlin

It’s Friday evening in Neukölln. A girl with a fluffy stole walks down Weserstrasse. Shortly afterwards, a woman with 90s platform soles enters a Späti. Outside, puddles are forming on the cobblestones. It is autumn.

The past few months have taught a lot. About what regulations do to people – and a pandemic to society. You could read people applauding on balconies out of solidarity. How politicians fought over guidelines. And how people looked for a way out with illegal parties.

Chancellor Angela Merkel is now appealing to young people in particular to abide by the rules. The number of new infections is increasing in large cities. Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne – Several cities recently counted more than 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in one week. Only two cities in Germany without new infections.

Curfew in Berlin doesn’t go down well with everyone

Now the same applies to the German capital: Whiskey sour is no longer served all night. Bars, restaurants and most shops have to close between 11pm and 6am. Outside you can only be out with a few people at night. “Seriously: What is this shitty curfew supposed to bring?” A guy swears in English as he walks through the neighborhood.

Up until now, the bars there were well attended. Then many operators actually pack their tables together. If you ask people what they think of it, opinions differ. “I’m glad it comes this way,” says Ryan. “It is obvious that people are out of control.”

Berlin: Are parties now moving into private life?

A young woman sees it differently. She does not think that this is beneficial because the parties are simply shifting to private life – making it harder to trace contacts. The argument can also be heard from the restaurant scene.

The nightlife in Berlin is paralyzed thanks to the current curfew.

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The nightlife in Berlin is paralyzed thanks to the current curfew.

“Regulatory authorities will have great difficulties in controlling the hygiene rules in private apartments or in the more than 2500 parks and gardens of the city,” warned the club commission.

Berlin: Difficult times for gastronomy

For bar owners, curfew means less sales. They make money especially between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. Sociologist Talja Blokland also recalls this. For some of the people, curfew doesn’t matter much because they aren’t out at night anyway. But it affects people, for example, who have to earn their money at night, such as taxi drivers and dishwasher.

“It is argued that parties are the reason for the increasing numbers of infections. That needs clear evidence in public, ”says the professor from the Georg Simmel Center for Metropolitan Research at Humboldt University. Politicians then have to say that, for example, out of 200 corona cases, 160 can be attributed to a party in a park.

Measure the number of infections in households

In your opinion, it would be interesting to show the number of infections measured by households. Then you can understand whether infections in a few households might lead to the increase. Your university wants to conduct a survey to find out what people are missing during the pandemic and how restrictions affect trust in politics, for example.

“It feels like there are bars and cafes to party and nothing essential,” she says. But if you ask yourself how you learn, find out about job opportunities or hear new political news, then it happens where you meet new people. “To believe that these are just places to celebrate is a very brief sociological idea.”

Berlin “needs full underground stations”

According to her, the curfew can also affect the sense of security in the city. “We need full underground stations in order to have the feeling of getting home safely in the evening. If the city closes at 11 p.m., it won’t be there. You can say: ‘It’s worth it to us.’ But you have to consider it. ”

In Neukölln, the groups dissolve at night. One group ordered an Uber car long before the last lap. Then the celebrations take place at home.

Kreuzberg nights are no longer long either

What closed bars did to people could be seen in the months before. About the “cardboard factor”. In the spring bars were closed. Many then got a beer and a pizza. The boxes gathered in public places. Annoyed residents shared photos on social media and had to ask themselves self-critically: Have we become stuffy after all?

Art is now being shown in Berghain.

© picture alliance/dpa
Art is now being shown in Berghain.

There is now a curfew, of all places in Berlin. In the past, tourists from other federal states drove to West Berlin specifically to roam the bars at night. “Kreuzberg nights are long. At first it starts slowly, but then … “In the past few years people came with low-cost airlines.

Berlin: Technobunker becomes an exhibition space for art

The clubs have now been closed for months. Instead, art is shown in one of the most famous techno bunkers in the world, Berghain. Some wonder what will be left of the scene in the next year. Several restaurateurs want to take action against the curfew with an urgent application to the court. “Corona, all business broken,” says a passerby at the weekend.

Senator for Culture Klaus Lederer had warned that whether the tightening worked would not be revealed until 14 days at the earliest. “By then, the incidence will continue to rise & it will rise dramatically,” he tweeted.

It will be a difficult winter for people who love to party. There is still the option of turning on a playlist at home by yourself. Then google a recipe for “Negroni Sbagliato”. But then you have to be careful again somehow – namely with the neighbors. This is true even in Berlin, which is actually so free. (dpa)


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