Best haunted house books for fans of Bly Manor and Hill House

Best haunted house books for fans of Bly Manor and Hill House

The stories of haunted houses We are always attracted to the idea that a simple building can be inhabited by terrifying ghosts, angry spirits and souls in pain is disturbing, wherever you look at it, and the books that have been written about it have left more than one with fear to dark corners and mysterious noises that are a common element in all old houses.

They say that if the walls spoke, many old houses, mansions and buildings would tell the craziest stories of lost lives, suffering, pain and forgotten times. Skeptics will say that this is impossible, that nothing is hidden in the shadows and ghosts do not exist, but the reality is that no one has been able to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that it cannot happen, and that has been enough to inspire books, movies series and dark urban legends.

With The Haunting of Hill House Y the story of The Haunting of Bly Manor, Mike Flanagan marked the beginning of a new horror anthology that starts from the concept of haunted houses and books that made the world tremble with their ghosts hidden within the walls, which came to life when, unknowingly, new visitors usurped their territories.

You may not believe that it is possible, that they are crazy ideas of very active minds with macabre imaginations, but it cannot be denied that our world is mysterious and that ultimately there are places that make your skin crawl without a logical explanation.

For Hill House y Bly Manor, Flanagan took two classics of horror literature that take place in macabre houses, and they are just two of the horror books that take place in haunted places that should be read by every fan of horror (or Flanagan series).

The haunted house books that will leave you sleepless:

The Haunting of Hill House de Shirley Jackson

According to the rumors, Jackson wrote the Hill House book after being taken with a mysterious royal house that it had burned years before and that it appeared and disappeared in the same place. The Haunting of Hill House It is considered one of the best haunted house novels in history and follows 4 characters who arrive at Hill House.

Dr. Montague is a scholar looking for solid evidence of a “spell”, he is accompanied by his assistant Theodora, Eleanor, a young woman familiar with the poltergeists, and Luke, the future heir of Hill House, who wants to ensure that his inheritance is not cursed. The visit begins innocently, but things get more and more terrifying, causing visitors to go through denial, shock, anxiety and finally fear, but is it all in their mind or is the terror real?

The Turn of the Screw de Henry James

According to the story, the same Henry James He spent entire nights without sleep after writing this novel that caused sensation and terror when it was published in the late 1800s.

The Turn of The Screw follows a young governess who is hired to care for two orphaned children in a lonely Vitorian mansion. Upon his arrival, it seems that it is a pleasant place, but little by little he begins to realize that they are not alone in that place (besides that the previous governess of the children died suspiciously) and begins to look for a way to help the children, but the house is powerful and full of ghosts that will never allow them to leave.

Kill Creek de Scott Thomas

In Thomas’ story, 4 horror writers are invited to spend Halloween night at the infamous Finch House, a mansion that is supposedly haunted by the ghosts of the terrible things that happened there.

The writers accept and end up awakening to the supernatural force that had been dormant within Finch’s walls. The terror begins to happen after leaving the mansion, when the mysterious creature begins to use the fears and traumas of the writers to torture and destroy them one by one.

The Shining de Stephen King

Ok it’s not a house or mansion, the story of Stephen King takes place in a macabre hotel in the mountains that is cut off from the rest of the world when the winter snow falls.

After a problem at work, Jack Torrance agrees to become the winter keeper of the hotel Overlook, taking his family to the mountain resort during the season that is closed. Upon arrival, it appears to be a normal hotel, but his son Danny feels there is something wrong there and, once alone, the hotel begins to wake up and use its best tricks to drive Jack insane and convince him to kill his own son and wife.

House of Leaves de Mark Z. Danielewski

A house that is bigger inside than outside, House of Leaves is a story that seeks to recreate the feeling of going crazy (especially when you find out that there are real sources that inspired the story).

The novel is filled with bizarre author’s notes and disturbing illustrations, and focuses on a young family moving into a small house in Ash Tree Lane, where they discover that something is terribly wrong: their house is bigger inside than outside, voices are heard and there is an abyss that continues to grow behind the closet door and that is slowly consuming the family.

Medusa’s Web by Tim Powers

Do you remember the dark photo that moves at the end of The Shining? This story is going to make you think about that.

The story begins Scott and Madeline travel to the house they grew up in, Caveat, after the death of their aunt, their cousins ​​Ariel and Claimayen continue to live there, protecting a dark family secret, a magic spell that allows them to travel back in time , between the 20s and the present, and take possession of the body of the people of the time to which they travel. The story shows how power turns into addiction and begins to destroy the protagonists.

Hell House de Richard Matheson

This classic novel, the story follows a wealthy man who, being fascinated with death, hires a team of investigators to help him discover if there is indeed another life after death.

The mission takes the team to a haunted mansion in Manie, which the locals nickname Hell House. Once there, the investigators become victims of a supernatural entity that begins to use their weaknesses against them, leading them to lose contact with reality and become increasingly trapped inside the house.

Slade House de David Mitchell

A house that you won’t want to leave, until you discover that you really can’t. To get to Slade You need to receive an invitation that tells you exactly how to find it, when you arrive you will run into all kinds of strange characters that make you lose track of time and become one more victim of the mysterious house.

The house appears every nine years on the corner of a lonely street and is only introduced to misfit characters, who are invited to pass by the owners, the creepy Grayer twins, who have ghoulish plans for all their guests.


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