Biden accuses Trump of being increasingly “irresponsible”

Biden accuses Trump of being increasingly

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Leading the polls three weeks before the US presidential election, Joe Biden courted the “seniors” in Florida on Tuesday. He accused Donald Trump of being more and more “irresponsible” since he contracted Covid-19 and reconnected with the crowd in the same state.

“The only senior that interests Donald Trump is senior Donald Trump himself”, launched the Democratic candidate in Pembroke Pines, north of Miami, where he once again denounced the management of the pandemic by the Republican president who is seeking a second term on November 3.

The 77-year-old former vice president gave a half-hour speech detailing a few proposals for the elderly, a crucial electorate who, in the Sunshine State, has shifted to his side in the polls after he voted in majority for the Republican billionaire in 2016.

But he mainly focused on the action of his opponent, while the United States has the heaviest toll in the world with more than 215,000 deaths from Covid-19.

“It has prevented seniors in Florida and citizens across the country from getting the help they need,” he lamented. “How many of you can’t kiss your grandchildren?” He added at a retirement center.

“The people I prefer”

His speech was not punctuated by the sometimes confused statements or apparent lapses of memory observed the day before in Ohio, on which the Trumpist camp insists to question his physical and mental form.

In contrast, the 74-year-old president-candidate presented himself to him on Monday “in great shape” at a meeting in Florida, and now says he is “immune” to the coronavirus less than two weeks after having tested positive.

But Joe Biden leads by far in the polls across the country (+10 points ahead according to the average established by the site RealClearPolitics). He also has the advantage over Donald Trump, although smaller, in the most disputed states which, like Florida (+3.7 points), could tilt the election.

Donald Trump had declared last week his support for seniors – “the people I prefer” – by promising in a video to give them access “for free” to the same treatments as him against Covid-19.

But the Democrat blasted Tuesday the “irresponsible personal behavior” and “inadmissible” of the Republican “since his diagnosis”. “The longer Donald Trump remains president, the more irresponsible he becomes. Thank God there are only three weeks left!”, He added.

“Abominable slump”

The former real estate mogul has started a marathon of meetings across the key states, in front of little masked crowds and without physical distancing, to try to catch up – while already ten million voters have filed their advance ballot.

“I had it. Now they say I’m immune. I feel so powerful!” Hammered Monday about the virus Donald Trump in Florida where, without a mask, he displayed an undeniable form a week after his discharge from hospital.

In front of an enthusiastic crowd, he again joked about his rival, whom he nicknamed “Sleepy Joe” (“Joe asleep”), ensuring that he attracted “hardly anyone”. The Democratic candidate refuses, in the name of health precautions, to organize large campaign meetings.

The outgoing president is expected Tuesday in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, which he won in 2016 but which is at this stage leaning for Joe Biden in the polls.

At this same place, the former right-hand man of Barack Obama had, at the end of September, recalled his modest origins to hammer out his new line of attack against the billionaire: the election is a choice between the working and middle classes, embodied by Johnstown or his hometown of Scranton, also in Pennsylvania, “against Park Avenue”, the flashy New York street symbol of the rich heir.

In an extremely polarized climate, Republican Senator Mitt Romney, a former White House candidate customary for criticism of Donald Trump, attacked the president with particular virulence on Tuesday, presented as one of the main officials of the “abominable, abusive and hate-filled slump” that the political debate has become, according to him.


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