Biel loses a point in Langnau

Janis Moser scored the right goal for Biel.

The Zealanders had to wait for a goal from Janis Moser during extra time to win against a valiant team from Langnau (5-4 ap).

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Janis Moser scored the right goal for Biel.

This Bernese derby started off at a furious pace. The fault of two uninspired goalkeepers. After four minutes, Joren van Pottelberghe, Biel’s last bulwark, had already capitulated twice on two Emmental attempts by Keijo Weibel and Julian Schmutz. His opposite did not really do better since Gianluca Zaetta had been curiously beaten twice by Janis Moser and Mike Künzle (8th, 2-2).

Subsequently, it calmed down somewhat. The offensive festival of the first minutes turned into a choppy game with many fouls. Jason Fuchs gave the Zealanders a head start in their first real push of the evening. At this point, the meeting looked set to turn quickly to Lars Leuenberger’s side. But the Ilfis players scratched so much and more to stay in touch. They could even have equalized at the end of the second period if the crossbar had not come to the rescue of van Pottelberghe on a shot from Tim Grossniklaus (40th).

Joli alone

In the final half, Toni Rajala tried to shelter his team. After a very nice solo, the Finnish goal hunter scored 2-4 (45th). But Langnau once again scored an improbable goal from a closed angle by Ben Maxwell (51st, 3-4). Here again, the goalkeeper of HC Bienne was pale. In the 59th, Tim Grossniklaus was able to equalize with a shot from the blue line as Langnau progressed with an additional fielder. During extra time, it was Janis Moser (again) who scored the winning goal (65th, 4-5 ap).


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