“Bielsa wants everything to be perfect”


Bamford, head of Leeds, spoke of Bielsa.

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Bamford, head of Leeds, spoke of Bielsa.

It was the middle of 2018 and Marcelo Bielsa arrived in Leeds to change the destiny of a club and a city. A few days later his first major reinforcement was Patrick Bamford, a recognized striker in the English second level in several clubs and who was the most expensive pass in 17 years for the club. Now, it is the 9th of the club that surprises in the Premier, where he established himself and where the affection for Loco exceeded the limits.

“If you could sit with him for an hour, you would learn a lot,” he praised the Rosario This 27-year-old English forward told the Daily Mail.

How is Bielsa indoors?

“He’s not distant, but he likes to be professional. He doesn’t get close to any particular player, he keeps everyone at a distance. If we win, he doesn’t say anything: he gives everyone a hug or high-fives and turns around and walks away. It goes. If we lose, he walks from one side of the dressing room to the other speaking in Spanish while Diego (Flores, his translator) translates everything. But he never goes crazy after the games. ”

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Crazy’s workouts

“They’re very 100%. To the point where if his helpers aren’t putting the cones to the exact centimeter, he starts yelling at them. He wants everything to be perfect, the way it is in his head. party told us beforehand: ‘This is what is going to happen. This is the way they are going to convert us. But this is how we are going to convert him.’ We ended up winning 2-1 and it was all as he had said! ” .

His methods

He is the toughest coach I ever had. In the preseason they tell us that we have to run one kilometer as fast as we can and Marcelo sets times. If you don’t get below those times, you don’t play. If you do it on time you are fine. And in the middle of the season when we have a game on a Saturday, on Mondays he makes us run, on Tuesdays are the technical sessions and on Wednesdays something happens that we call ‘Murderball’ (killer ball). It’s 11v11 on the full court and each player has his own cone. As soon as the ball is out of play, from where you are, you have to run to your cone. Right away they throw the ball back and you have to go back to the cone. It is a race of constant speed. I heard Kyle Walker (City player) describe the way we play like basketball. ‘Murderball’ is basketball. It is from partner to partner. If your partner runs, you better run with him. You do not stop. And Bielsa and his assistants are on the court looking at everything and you have to dodge them. It does not give respite “.

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How much are the Argentine’s techniques worth

“Marcelo has taken my game to another level. You can enter that comfort zone where you say ‘I’m doing everything right’ and move on. But he will never let you do that. He has taught me a lot. I wouldn’t be playing in the Premier League. League now if it weren’t for him. ”

Bamford’s header, three points for Bielsa



His work in the team

“I wouldn’t say I’m a typical 9. If I’m doing a good job in Marcelo’s eyes, I connected well. I’m constantly running backwards, I was able to convert as well, but everything I do is for the team.”

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The illusion of Leeds for this season

“All the teams that get promoted say ‘first things first, let’s stay in the Premier’. But for us it is about going out to each game to win it. It doesn’t matter if Liverpool or Manchester City are in front. We started well and with that. approach we will be closer to winning games than losing them. ”

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Bamford emerged from Nottingham Forest. Chelsea saw him in 2012 and bought him, but there he did not play for a minute, they loaned him to six clubs: MK Dons, Derby County, Middlesbrough, Crystal Palace, Norwich City and Burnley. After another passage through the Boro, Leeds finally came into his life to establish himself. With three goals in four dates so far in the championship, and in total in Leeds he has 29 in 77 games under the command of Loco, who convinced him with his style of play. On Monday, Leeds will close the fifth date of the Premier by hosting Wolves.


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