Blanx, tennis that seek to make a mark in the solution of social problems

Blanx, tennis that seek to make a mark in the solution of social problems

Seven Latin American designers and artists, including Erre (@ ezt.erre), Dr. Alderete (@Dralderete) Monica Bergna, Lorber(@Lorbus) Peter Odor (peterodor), Guillermo Flores Y Raymundo Rincon are the creatives of the first “content wave” that the Blanx tennis brand seeks to transmit to a young audience, with a socially responsible message on migration, climate change, gender equality and diversity.

The brand aims to support various social causes (SPECIAL).

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The brand aims to support various social causes (SPECIAL).

Blanx is a brand formed by global citizens, aimed at all those who seek to visualize issues that affect the entire population beyond borders.

“We are working with people in Miami, Nashville, Bogotá, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Oaxaca and even Milan,” he says. Ariel Bacal co-founder of Blanx.

“Since we began to create Blanx, we did it with the conviction of materializing a platform, where young people could transmit their own concerns and amplify their voices in a powerful way,” he adds.


Besides being a conversation starter, Blanx supports the Institute for Women in Migration (IMUMI) because they have become a body with great experience in promoting and defending the right of free movement for migrant women.

“Making visible what matters is the first step in building a different world, which is why 25 percent of the profits obtained from sales are donated to IMUMI”, concluded Bacal.

Ariel Bacal and Alfredo Cottin are the founders of the brand, who together have vast experience in business matters, have managed to ensure that each of their collections is created by world-renowned designers and artists who, through their art, reflect their ideas own and their convictions.


“Today we are working with artists such as Erre, Dr. Alderete, Mónica Bergna, Lorbus, Peter Odor, Guillermo Flores, and Raymundo Rincón, who created the first wave of content, each of the pieces are numbered, which makes each model unique. collector’s item ”, says Alfredo Cottin, co-founder of Blanx.

Blanx is the global lifestyle brand manufactured in Mexico and designed by Latin American talent through which they can speak out in favor of creativity, fashion and social impact with a focus on migration, diversity, climate change and gender equality.


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