Board of Supervisors approves motion on effects of COVID-19

Board of Supervisors approves motion on effects of COVID-19

The symptoms continue for months.

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The symptoms continue for months.

A year ago, no one knew about COVID-19, its symptoms, its severity, or its long-term effects. Every day the scientific community discovers new information about the coronavirus. According to information from the World Health Organization, as of this Tuesday, October 13, they had reported more than 38 million cases and more than 1,089,000 deaths from COVID-19.

As the pandemic unfolds, doctors uncover new symptoms and debunk initial myths. New evidence confirms that people who contracted COVID-19 can present disease-related effects, even months after recovery.

“Unfortunately, there is a Growing evidence that the effects of COVID-19 can last for weeks or months among survivors, with many often unable to return to their daily lives”, Indicated the Supervisor Hilda solis it’s a statement.

That is why the district 1 supervisor presented a motion, which was approved this week, to gather information on how the virus affects the community in the long term. Once this information is collected, it will be possible to plan the services necessary to treat these symptoms and offer the resources to the community.

As a result of said motion, the Department of Mental Health, in collaboration with the Department of Health Services, will report within 30 days to the Board of Supervisors on the long-term effects of the virus and the need for services for survivors, including the ability to collect information on the different cases.

“Around the world, even those with initially mild illness report continuing problems. The impact of these symptoms, popularly known as “long-term COVID”, is substantial, sometimes more severe than the initial illness itselfSolís said. “The underlying cause and long-term risk factors of COVID are not well understood and there is no public information on the rates that exist among Los Angeles County residents. With the passage of this motion, Los Angeles County hopes to learn more about how this virus is affecting our communities in the long term, and plan possible specific services “added.

Effects of COVID-19 that last over time

  • According to information from the Harvard University, deaths from COVID-19 are due to serious complications in the lungs, but the coronavirus also negatively impacts the nervous system. Doctors at a center in Chicago reported that more than 40 percent of COVID-19 patients had neurological manifestations early in the disease.
  • COVID-19 can cause brain damage from encephalitis or lack of oxygen, negatively impacting the long-term cognitive abilities of the individualeven after months of recovery.
  • According to information from Centers for Disease Control, COVID-19 also causes inflammation and damage to the heart, or myocarditis, as well as inflammation of the membrane that covers the heart, or pericarditis. This is especially risky among the elderly, or with pre-existing medical conditions.
  • sEst damage caused by the coronavirus manifests itself in the long term in the form of chest pain, heart palpitations, and shortness of breath.
  • Other symptoms that continue for a long time include fatigue, headaches, joint pains, and cough.

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