Bolsonarism without Bolsonaro

Danilo Avelar points Corinthians solid in defense and in search of balance

The radical Bolsonarist base is disappointed with President Jair Bolsonaro. The last straw was the appointment of Judge Kassio Marques for the vacancy in the Supreme Court.

As soon as the magistrate’s name was announced, Bolsonarist social networks went nuts, and Bolsonaro came to be called a “traitor”. All because Kassio Marques is considered “PT” because he was appointed by President Dilma Rousseff in 2011 to the Federal Regional Court of the 1st Region.

To make matters worse, Senator Renan Calheiros, the target of 17 ongoing investigations in the Supreme Court, decided to give Bolsonaro his explicit support, saying that the president “can leave a great legacy for Brazil, which is the dismantling of this police state that took over our country. country ”- in reference to Operation Lava Jato. According to Renan Calheiros, the appointment of Kassio Marques to the Supreme Court, as well as that of Augusto Aras to the Attorney General’s Office and the resignation of Sérgio Moro from the Ministry of Justice, is part of this “dismantling”.

Bolsonaro himself did not plead and said: “I ended the Lava Jato, because there is no more corruption in the government”. The benevolent interpreters of bolsonarista glossolalia can say that the president only used a force of expression to emphasize the needlessness of Lava Jato before the smoothness of his government; those who are not silly saw a flawed act that betrays a desire.

For those who elected a politician who solemnly promised to take the Lava Jato to the center of power in Brasilia – and for that he carried the judge symbol of the operation, Sérgio Moro, in tow – it must be quite a disappointment.

The fact is that Bolsonaro is detaching himself from the so-called “bolsonarismo”, the movement that bears his name, but, as it is now clear, almost nothing has, in essence, to do with the former deputy of the low clergy.

For fanatical “bolsonaristas”, almost all politicians are corrupt, the “establishment”, dominated by “communists”, is the great enemy of the country and the political activity itself is irremediably criminal, which is why they defend institutional ruptures and, at the limit , the installation of a dictatorship. It was a reactionary speech looking for anyone to recite it without any modesty.

At one point, Bolsonaro offered himself as the politician who would wield this coup flag, in the name of moral sanitation in the Nation, and ended up becoming electorally viable, especially in the face of the PT’s many misdemeanors and the many mistakes made by the parties of the democratic center.

Bolsonaro, however, was never “bolsonarista”, in the sense given by his now shaken followers. Military and parliamentary bad with very low extraction, he had a mediocre career in the defense of civil servant corporations, being much more successful as his sons’ electoral cord.

It was necessary to be very naive, misinformed or vesano to believe that someone with this page, without any service rendered to the country, would actually lead a movement for the ethical rescue of Brazil. Almost two years after his mandate, Bolsonaro seems to be much more at ease to tear up the fantasy of an impolite defender of the country’s moral values, which never fit him well, and show off as he always was, without taking or putting on.

Bolsonaro fell into the arms of Centrão, a group of physiological parties with whom he has much more affinity than the bloodhounds who call him a “myth” would like to admit. Amid politicians who devote time and energy thinking exclusively about the next election and how to take advantage of power, the president must be feeling at home.

Thus, with the blessings of the everlasting Renan Calheiros, governor under any government, Jair Bolsonaro can surrender body and soul to his reelection project and focus his energy on sewing to prevent his offspring, trapped in court, from responding for his actions.

All of this shows that, for Bolsonaro, “bolsonarismo” never existed except as a vehicle for his political opportunism. The zealots of this archaic movement will have to look for another messiah to worship.


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