Bolsonaro declares support for federal deputy Bruno Engler in Belo Horizonte

Bolsonaro declares support for federal deputy Bruno Engler in Belo Horizonte

Jair Bolsonaro announced this afternoon that he will support the candidacy of the federal deputy Bruno Engler (PRTB), 23, to the Belo Horizonte City Hall. The announcement was made by 1 of the president’s children, the federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro.

The congressman published a tweet this Saturday (October 17, 2020), with the phrase: “Message from Jair Bolsonaro to Belo Horizonte”, in which the president appears next to Engler.

The Chief Executive then asserts that Engler will have a “Direct line with the presidency of the republic”, if elected, and that “Will not campaignfor him, but points out: “If you were a voter from Minas Gerais, I would vote for you (Bruno) ”.

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Watch below:

Elected state deputy in 2018, the young Bolsonarist exercised most of his mandate for the Social Liberal Party (PSL), a former party of the president. He left the acronym in April.

Bolsonaro stated in August, in a Publication on his Facebook profile, which would not actively participate in municipal elections in the 1st round.

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The latest survey by the Ibope Institute in the capital of Minas Gerais shows the current mayor of the city and candidate for reelection, Alexandre Kalil (PSD), with a wide advantage. He has 59% of the voting intentions and can win in the 1st round.

The 2nd place is João Vitor Xavier (Citizenship). It is the choice of 7% of respondents. Next are Áurea Carolina (Psol), with 3% of voting intentions, and Bruno Engler (PRTB), with 2%.

The survey, commissioned by TV Globo, heard 1,001 voters from the city of Belo Horizonte, from October 13 to 15. The margin of error is 3 percentage points more or less. The confidence level is 95%. The survey is registered with the Electoral Court under the protocol MG-00100/2020.

Here are all the results:

  • Alexandre Kalil (PSD): 59%
  • João Vitor Xavier (Citizenship): 7%
  • Áurea Carolina (Psol): 3%
  • Bruno Engler (PRTB): 2%
  • Nilmário Miranda (PT): 1%
  • Rodrigo Paiva (New): 1%
  • Cabo Xavier (PMB): 1%
  • Lafayette Andrada (Republicans): 1%
  • Marília Domingues (PCO): 1%
  • Professor Wendel Mesquita (Solidarity): 1%
  • Luisa Barreto (PSDB): 0%
  • Fabiano Cazeca (Pros): 0%
  • Wanderson Rocha (PSTU): 0%
  • Marcelo Souza e Silva (Patriota): 0%
  • None / white / null: 13%
  • Don’t know / Didn’t answer: 9%

The candidate Wadson Ribeiro (PCdoB) was not mentioned.


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