Bolsonaro says he chose Kassio Marques because he wants STF minister ‘in tune’ with him

Appointed to the Supreme Court, Kassio Marques meets Bolsonaro at Toffoli's house

BRASILIA – The President Jair Bolsonaro said on Saturday, 10, that he wants a minister of Supreme Federal Court (STF) in tune with him. The chief of the Plateau chose the judge Cassio Nunes Marques for the vacancy of Dean Celso de Mello in the Court. The nomination still needs the approval of the Federal Senate.

The STF is responsible for judging authorities with privileged jurisdiction, including the President of the Republic, if there is any process. In addition, it may fall into the hands of the Supreme cases involving allies of Jair Bolsonaro. When justifying the choice by the judge, which provoked a reaction from supporters, the president declared that the chosen one would need to “take tubaína” with him.

“I’m not going to nominate a guy just by his resume, he’ll get there, he’ll own himself …”, said Bolsonaro in a live broadcast on social media alongside a supporter in Guarujá (SP). “He has to be independent, okay, but he has to have this affinity with me. And he has it through tubaína or Cola-Cola.”

As the Estadão showed, Bolsonaro moved away from extremists linked to Olavo de Carvalho and lavajatistas to approach Centrão politicians and the ministers of the Supreme Court opposed to the operation carried out by ex-judge Sérgio Moro, forming the “Republic of Tubaína”. This Saturday, the president declared that he personally handled the nomination until Celso de Mello announced his retirement. “Nobody knew anything because only I dealt with this matter.”

In the broadcast, Bolsonaro said that “taking tubaína” refers to someone who has an affinity with him on issues such as abortion, family, armaments, foreign policy, the market and indigenous people. Just as he had done on social media, Bolsonaro countered criticism that Kassio Marques would have an opposite profile to the president based on the judge’s decisions at the Regional Federal Court (TRF) of the 1st Region.

The indicated will be heard by the Senate Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ) on October 21. The Senate needs to vote on the nomination of the President of the Republic to make Kassio Marques’s official visit to the Supreme Court. The magistrate, in this case, depends on at least 41 favorable votes among the 81 senators.


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