Bolsonaro says senator had ‘prestige’ and ‘affection’, but corruption has nothing to do with his government

Bolsonaro says senator had 'prestige' and 'affection', but corruption has nothing to do with his government

In a live held this Thursday (15) on his social networks, the president Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) tried to move away from the senator and former deputy leader of his government Rodrigues boy (DEM), which was discovered by the Federal Police on Wednesday (14) trying to hide R $ 33 thousand in his underwear, money allegedly from a diversion of funds to fight the coronavirus in Roraima.

During a conversation with Ministers André Mendonça, from Justice, and Wagner Rosário, from the Comptroller General of the Union, Bolsonaro comments that the senator was a person who enjoyed “prestige” and “affection” for almost everyone, and who regrets that he is involved in a corruption case.

“This senator is a person who enjoyed the prestige and affection of almost everyone, I have never seen anyone say anything against him. That case happened, I’m sorry. Now wanting to link the fact that he is deputy leader to government corruption, has nothing to do, ”said the president.

Bolsonaro also reinforced the speech he said last week, when he declared, at an event at the Planalto Palace, that ended the Lava Jato operation because there was no corruption in his government.

“When I say there is no corruption in the government, I repeat, there is not. What is the government? They are my ministers. If there’s anything wrong with my ministry, the investigation will take place. What is my responsibility? It is to make the investigation deeper to punish the possible culprits, but so far, zero ”, he said.

Bolsonaro also criticized the press because it was trying to link the deputy leader of his government to him. “It’s all the time trying to link me to corruption. Can there be corruption in my government? You can, and we will take action. But this case has nothing to do with my government, ”says Bolsonaro.


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