boomerang for Donald Trump, who appeared impulsive and bold. Convinces Biden

 boomerang for Donald Trump, who appeared impulsive and bold. Convinces Biden

“She is so beautiful when she smiles …”, comments an electrician named Paulette ready to support Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. This is perhaps the rosiest moment for the virtual debate tycoon, two twin events broadcast simultaneously, with protagonists the challengers at the White House: Trump and Joe Biden. According to analysts and US media, Trump’s choice to forgo virtual face-to-face against the Democratic candidate turned out to be a boomerang. The Donald, sometimes impulsive at times bold, appeared in trouble. Already elected, the darling of social media, the moderator Savannah Guthrie, 48, anchorwoman of the NBC, considered the true star of the second round of the political forum capable of having inflicted – according to some – the final blow to Trump’s presidential race. The current tenant of the White House has been put under pressure by a Guthrie defined as fierce, determined, and unwilling to accept evasive answers on the management of the pandemic, on the threat of right-wing extremism, on the tax returns never published by the president.

“When was the last time he tested negative on the anti-covid test before the first debate with Biden?” Is the first question of the evening. “I don’t remember … maybe the day before …”, the hesitant response of Trump, who admitted that he didn’t take the tests every day. “Anyway I’m the president, I have to see people and I can’t stay locked in a basement”, he tried to attack referring to the famous basement where Biden was locked up in the most critical weeks of the pandemic. And while on the other hand Biden accused Trump of having done nothing to contain the spread of the pandemic, the president candidly claimed that “85% of people who wear face masks get the coronavirus”. Trump teased by the moderator refused to explicitly condemn white supremacism. “You are the president, not just any crazy uncle”, the reaction of the moderator who pressed him on the never published tax returns: “The numbers disclosed are wrong and in any case the taxman treated me very badly”, defended Trump. despite the New York Times showing payments of $ 750 in 2016 and 2017.

Neither candidate can remain calm. Federal authorities will investigate alleged emails from Biden’s son Hunter, the New York Post reported. The former vice president of Obama has always denied having met the managers of Burisma, the Ukrainian company for which his son worked and at the time investigated for corruption by the Kiev authorities. The Donald will have to watch its back from the US 007 affair which, last year, warned the White House that Rudolph Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, was being targeted by Russian intelligence. Would Giuliani be behind the emails published by the New York Post?


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