Botafogo considered ‘old acquaintance’ for Autuori’s place before effecting Lazaroni

Botafogo considered 'old acquaintance' for Autuori's place before effecting Lazaroni

There was no time for speculation as to who the new commander of the Botafogo, since the announcement of the departure of Autuori brought together the definition of who would be his replacement: Bruno Lazaroni. Alvinegro employee since 2018 – adding experiences in grassroots categories and some games in professional as interim -, Lazaroni received a ‘vote of confidence’ from the board, but is fully aware of the pressure scenario that awaits him in the new role.

2020 Brasileirao Series A: Flamengo v Botafogo

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2020 Brasileirao Series A: Flamengo v Botafogo

“I am very honored with this opportunity that I am having. I think the big challenge is to bring results in the short term, because it is only with him that we will be able to continue the work. There is no escape from that. Of course, performance is important to you. stay closer to the victories. But bringing the result in the short term is more than necessary. Not only for me, as a coach, but for the club to be able to get out of this confusion zone “, he stated.

According to the Sports, the fact that Lazaroni already knew the professional cast weighed in favor of his choice, with the alvinegra board evaluating that the ‘impact’ of the change with the players would be minimal. However, another name was debated by the leaders before the decision to put the auxiliary into effect: Eduardo Barroca.

Free on the market since August 20 – when he was dismissed from the technical command of the Coritiba -, Barroca was ahead of the technical team alvinegra for much of the 2019 season. The first months of his work were very positive, but a sharp drop in income in the second half culminated in his resignation with the current year.


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