Boulos says PT is not an ‘opponent’ and defends ‘renewed leftist project’

Boulos says PT is not an 'opponent' and defends 'renewed leftist project'

The PSOL candidate for City Hall of São Paulo and national coordinator of Homeless Workers Movement (MTST), Guilherme Boulos he stated that he does not see himself as an opponent of the PT, a party that has held the hegemony of the left for years, and defended the need to “build a renewed leftist project”. The statements were made during the second Sabbath of the Estadão in municipal elections from the capital of São Paulo, held this Friday, 16.

Boulos also stated that the projects of President Jair Bolsonaro and the toucans João Doria, governor of the state, and Bruno Covas, current mayor, is “destroying the country”. “Why am I going to have the PT as an opponent? I have to have as an adversary who is destroying the country with an authoritarian project and who is destroying the state and the city with an elitist project,” he said, referring to political opponents.

Guilherme Boulos, from PSOL, participates in Estadão's sabbatical with the candidates of the 2020 elections in São Paulo

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Guilherme Boulos, from PSOL, participates in Estadão’s sabbatical with the candidates of the 2020 elections in São Paulo

“I worked hard so that we had left-wing unity in this election,” he claimed, arguing that the great challenge of the current dispute is to defeat Bolsonarism, in the first place, and “Bolso-Doria” – the way it refers to policies toucans – second. Boulos is currently in third place in the polls, behind the Bolsonarista candidate, Celso Russomanno (Republicans) and the Toucan Covas. In search Ibope / TV Globo / Estadão released on Thursday, 15, the PSOL candidate appears 10% of the vote intentions while Russomanno and the current mayor have 25% and 22%, respectively.

“Our candidacy is one that shows itself capable of avoiding a Bolso-Doria tragedy in the second round”, he defended, stressing the fact that he is the best placed candidate from the left. “Even a week after the beginning of the electoral propaganda, where I only have 17 seconds, I grew 2 points (percentages). I grew up in (poll) even without debate “, he said. Boulos affirmed that this is the slice of the electorate that already knows him. “Nobody can say that he will vote for those who do not know him. My knowledge rate among people with higher education is 80% “, he said.

Still on the unity of the left, the PSOL candidate refused to rank fourth in the polls, Márcio França (PSB), as a candidate in that field. “I don’t see Márcio França in the field on the left, he is that old airport windsock,” he said, adding the socialist opponent was once deputy governor of the toucan Geraldo Alckmin and even supported Doria in the mayoral race in 2016. “How (President Jair) Bolsonaro did not want to support him here in São Paulo, he was orphaned and came to resort to the left ”, he argued.

Boulos-Luiza Erundina received support from the Brazilian Communist Party (PCB) and the newly created Popular Unit (UP), in addition to artists historically linked to the PT, as Caetano Veloso e Chico Buarque.


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