Bread, a poison for health? Study reveals disturbing details

 Bread, a poison for health? Study reveals disturbing details

Bread, a poison for health? Study reveals disturbing details

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Bread, a poison for health? Study reveals disturbing details

The verdict is in: 60 million consumers draws attention to thea strong presence of pesticides and additives in both industrial and artisan breads.



More than half of the breads tested contain pesticides

65 different breads have been tested by the editorial staff: baguettes industrial, artisanal, country cobblestones and sandwich breads. Result? More than half of the panel would include pesticide residues. These substances present a real danger since they could be endocrine disruptors.

Salts and additives singled out

Beyond pesticide residues, 60 million consumers alert on the presence of additives and salts in several products. If this is not prohibited, it is rather the quantity of these substances which is worrying. In large quantities, they can be dangerous for health.

Industrial breads just as artisan breads are concerned. Why is a difference between breads and baguettes so thin, whether they come from the neighborhood bakery or the supermarket? Here again, if all the bread-making stages must be carried out on site to have the designation “baker” or “bakery”, everyone uses flour mixes. It is precisely these mixtures, purchased from the mills, which are in question.

In fact, bakery “chains” and most of the self-employed work with one or more mills, which supply them with ready-to-use flours and flour assemblies.

Result, we find more than 14 additives in a single baguette.

For a white baguette, no less than fourteen additives are allowed! Their number can be even higher in special breads … And the bread being sold in bulk, there is no labeling obligation. Impossible, therefore, to know what it really contains.

What solutions?

The solution to not poisoning yourself by eating bread? Achieve our homemade bread. Flour, water, yeast: nothing very complicated if not a little patience. Otherwise, feel free to inquire about the products used in your bakery. Prefer organic breads with local flour.

Of course, it is not forbidden to please yourself by buying your ready-made bread! The key is to have a reasonable and reasoned consumption.

It’s your turn !


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