Breast cancer, information exists, taking action is what fails

Breast cancer, information exists, taking action is what fails

At age 30, Alejandra de Cima was diagnosed with breast cancer. After facing and overcoming evil, he decided to make that experience a mission, which has materialized through Cima Foundation that, to date and after 18 years, has helped 500 thousand women those who had to walk the same path.

Cima Foundation asks women to undergo mammography (Special).

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Fundación Cima asks women to undergo mammography (Special).

At first the idea was “Generate information, spread it”Today the data is available to almost all women; However, the problem persists, as reported by statistics, which place the breast cancer as the main cause of death of women in Mexico, because “we keep failing to take action,” he says Eliza Bridge, director of Cima Foundation.

“Today after 18 years there has been a change, the information is much more at hand, there are many more people aware of the problem, others as much determined to help the community that suffers breast cancer, and I say community and not just women, because a woman with breast cancer she is not just a woman with a disease, it involves a whole nucleus of people facing this situation ”, highlights the executive.

“But Cancer it continues to grow, the number of women who die from this disease is greater, because we have not achieved the objective; information is one part, the other is taking action, and that is where we continue to fail ”, adds Puente, who highlights that fear is the main obstacle.

“You can be very aware and informed, but fear is fear, and many times people don’t want to know, even though we know that what can save us is knowing and acting accordingly; why there are statistics that say that 98 percent of cases, if detected in a timely manner and properly treated, are curable; but there are still those who resist facing that possibility when taking the exams ”.

And he adds: “The breast cancer It is not a disease that should be synonymous with death, the problem is that more than 70 percent of breast cancer cases are found in late stages and then comes diagnosis and treatment, and all that time is invaluable, but it is running late. And there is another situation, when the treatments are already done, but they are suspended, that is what makes the Cancer come back and I can tear your life away ”.

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Against this background, Puente highlights the importance of insisting on early detection, through all campaigns that not only Cima Foundation does, but rather various institutions, including the Foundation of the National Cancer Institute Y Fucam. All busy exhorting women to explore themselves first. And from there phrases have emerged such as: “Here it is played.” “Touch yourself so that it does not touch you” and “Taking care of them is also for men”, among many more; for remind women of the importance of that monthly action; and, secondly, to be perform the mammogram.

And it is precisely at this point where a large part of the problem lies, since there are still many myths and taboos in relation to the examination, which is why women from all areas refuse mammography: “It is the fear that they will discover something, but from the outset ignorance of the treatment, arguing that it is an ugly breast lump.

“We deal with this situation every day, because although it is like the key to resolution to avoid the torture caused by Cancer, the woman refuses. When I tell them ‘you have taken other things worse,’ they laugh and admit it, but they don’t come to their treatment. There are even cases that prioritize the appointment for a facial over the mammography, which is the only way to detect the disease in time and save life”, Emphasizes Puente.

“All those kinds of issues that block action are what boycott us, that is why the campaigns that are carried out throughout the year are so important, because evil is always there; although it is true that October has become the month in which the struggle is most visible, and therefore the phrases, the comments, the information and the color pink are reproduced everywhere, ”the executive highlighted.

“It must also be recognized that it is time to show how various companies that are socially responsible, that love women, that like to work all year round for a cause, are involved. In our case we have 14 years working with Cloe that it is a socially responsible company and that each year it supports us with the sale of a special edition of bags and various products that it produces for the pink month, and whose benefit is materialized in the support services that we provide at the foundation ”.

The synergy that Cima Foundation Y Cloe have achieved over the years, it is distinguished by a social campaign that is replicated with greater intensity in the so-called pink month, “because it is not only about selling the product, which helps a lot, but also about issuing messages that summon the women to take care of themselves.

“In the campaign we give messages so that women make the decision to explore themselves, that’s why it’s called ‘It’s your turn to join, you have to live’; In other words, the message is touch yourself, take care of yourself, be sure that you are well ”, highlighted Paco Jiménez, CEO of Chloe.

This type of aid is very favorable for the work of Cima FoundationSince in many cases the economy is a factor that slows down the study, but with these synergies the foundation can carry out aid campaigns for those who do not have a government medical service or the resources to do so.

“In Cima Foundation We have agreements with institutions that give us preferential prices for mammography and with institutions in which our medical committee, made up of people and specialist doctors, tell us with them you can enter into an alliance, or not, so that we provide that support to those who need it. . But that is possible thanks to the support of our sponsors ”, emphasizes Puente, who for 18 years has shared the mission with her friend Alejandra de Cima, who is an example of the Cancer it is a disease that does not distinguish positions, creeds, preferences, ages, nothing.

“She had a bad diagnosis, she almost lost 6 months before they told her she had breast cancerBut she faced evil with positivity and treatment with strength and since then she has set out to make that experience her mission in life, helping women who suffer from this disease. Now she lives in Germany, saved her life and made the dream of being a mother come true, and from there she leads the fight against it. breast cancer”.



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