Bruna Marquezine reveals regret in dating: ‘Having insisted a lot’

Bruna Marquezine reveals regret in dating: 'Having insisted a lot'

Bruna Marquezine returned to occupy Giovanna Ewbank’s channel during the maternity leave of youtuber. In “Gioh”, the actress answered questions from fans and one of them wanted to know if she regretted an old relationship. She stated that she did not, but pointed out something she would not do again: “I only regret having insisted too much on some.” In the comments, some fans pointed out that Bruna was talking about Neymar, as well as when she quoted what madness of love she wouldn’t repeat.

Bruna Marquezine takes a relationship lesson: ‘I learned a lot’

To the follower who asked about old dating, Bruna Marquezine replied: “Look, no. I don’t regret any dating. I met incredible people, people I cultivate a huge affection for. I learned a lot. Even the things I could say that I regret … they served as learning “.

‘I regret having insisted too much on some’, says Bruna Marquezine

The actress said that the old courtships taught her what she wants for the next. “A very good thing is that today I know what I don’t want in a relationship, what I don’t accept in a partner. What doesn’t make me feel good. What I know awakens my worst version. I don’t regret it. I only regret having insisted on a lot of them, “she said, recalled a look with a bikini in MTV Miaw.

Web quotes Neymar in Bruna Marquezine video: ‘Cry’

In the video comments, a fan highlighted the passage and wrote: “Chora, Ney”. In response, another Internet user recalled the most recent ending of “Brumar”, which, between comings and goings “, stayed together from 2012 to 2018. “Complicated because the last time they broke up she said that it was his decision to finish, that it was not her will,” he quoted. “It may be that in this she began to see their relationship with other eyes and saw what was good for her and what was bad for her”, considered yet another. A fan of the couple expressed frustration with the actress’s response to the question. “I thought Brumar was going to come back. Then Bruna goes there and says she wouldn’t insist on old relationships,” he wrote next to clown emojis.

Neymar likes old video and shakes fans. Understand!

Fans of the old couple had already been thrilled last month when the striker liked on Instagram a video with Bruna. In the recording, the Paris Saint-Germain player appears kissing his ex-girlfriend during his 26th birthday party in Paris. Surprised by Neymar’s reaction, the fan club’s profile posted a print, which, of course, made the web go crazy. “I love my Brumar,” celebrated one follower. “If Neymar didn’t get over it, imagine us,” joked another. “I know it’s wrong, but I ship,” admitted one more.

(By Laís Fernandes)


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